Weak eye muscles are a primary reason for developing a common eye disorder of Double Vision. Usually, our eyes assist us to observe a single and clear image. But even a minuscule problem can develop a complication of double vision, which requires immediate treatment.

The weakening of eye muscles can lead to several eye conditions and disorders. Among which double vision and ophthalmoplegia are some common problems that are generally witnessed by people of varied age groups.

The human eyeball is held in its place with the help of six muscles. These muscles control the movement of our eye and weakness or paralysis of these eye muscles leads to the condition of ophthalmoplegia. Six intraocular tissues are named as:

  • Superior Recti

  • Inferior Recti

  • Medial Recti

  • Lateral Recti

  • Superior Oblique

  • Inferior Oblique

What Happens When Eye Muscles Gets Weakened?

They control eye motion and keep the eyes aligned with each other. When any tissue in an eye gets weakened, then it won’t go in sync with the eye. When you look in a direction controlled by a weak muscle, you see twice. Eye muscle issues can be from:

  • Any problem with the nerves that control them.

  • Myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune illness that prevents nerves out of telling the muscles what to do. Early signs include double vision and drooping eyelids.

  • Graves’ disease, a thyroid disorder which affects eye muscles. It can result in vertical diplopia, in which one image is on top of another.

Some common symptoms of weakened eye diseases are as follows:

  • Strain in eye

  • Blurred vision

  • Cloudiness

  • Eye pain

  • Seeing double images

How To Improve Your Weakened Eye Muscles?

If you take care of your eye health, not only are you going to see better, but you will also feel much better, and you’ll positively influence your entire body’s wellbeing. Besides this eye exercises geared towards fighting specific ailments and requirements, here are ten essential eyesight exercises that are aimed to incorporate into your everyday life. All these exercises are derived from several principles of healthy eyesight:

  • Having Adequate Blood Flow to Eyes

  • Adjusting to Light Frequencies

  • Looking at Details

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Expanding Your Periphery

  • Looking at Distant Objects

  • Body and Eye Coordination

  • Balanced Use of Both Eyes

  • Balanced Use within Every Eye

  • Vision and Body

However, regular exercises are helpful in strengthening weak eye muscles as they can improve the tone of eye’s tissue and also increase the level of blood circulation. Following these exercises on a daily basis can help in minimizing eye strain and increase the efficiency of the eyes. General practices such as eye circles, moving pen focus, eye contractions, vertical maneuvers, and immobile face focus can bring about the significant changes.

Moreover, there are operations for vulnerable tissues that can be considered as an option too. In surgeries, the length of the weak muscle is shortened and then toned up, in some cases, a prism type spectacles can also treat the problem of weakened eye muscles.

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