Everyone wants to find new ways to increase brain memory and power. Reading and solving puzzles are great aids in strengthening the power of your mind, but what if we told you that sending electrical currents to your brain can help too?

Increase Brain Memory: A Guide


What Is Microcurrent Treatment?

What Is Microcurrent Treatment? | How to Increase Brain Memory and Sharpness

Every tissue type in the body has its own unique electrical frequency. So, one way to fix damaged tissue types is through the introduction of low-level electrical currents. The natural human bio-electrical makeup is very similar to the microcurrent treatment. Due to the similarities, the microcurrent treatment is very safe and offers little to no risk of side effects.

How Microcurrent Works

The science of microcurrent relies on the principles of biologic resonance and current resistance. Our body’s tissues resonate with certain frequencies. They change their structure when the right frequency is felt. In fact, microcurrent mimics the body’s natural energy to help it fix itself.

Note: Patients’ microtherapy treatments are individually crafted to address their specific needs.

What Microcurrent Treatment Can Do for the Brain

What Microcurrent Treatment can Do for the Brain | How to Increase Brain Memory and Sharpness

Microcurrent has been around for more than fifteen years. It is usually used to treat patients suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, and sports injuries. Some have even used it for anti-aging purposes. Microcurrent has also proven to be very effective in helping those who suffer from brain disorders.

Microcurrent therapy can be used for helping those with ADHD, anxiety, and autism. This is because the electrical current calms patients and helps them focus. This treatment may be a positive alternative to taking pills that have negative side effects.

Microcurrent can target the specific area of the brain that needs work. This therapy also stimulates Alpha pattern brainwaves and activates the body’s natural restorative state. As a result, patients release built-up tension and relax.

Microcurrent also stimulates Delta pattern brainwaves. Delta brainwaves occur when the body enters deep sleep. Deep sleep restores energy and clears waste in the brain. This sort of detoxification can increase the brain’s memory.

Dr. Kondrot’s Brain and Memory Program

After his successful Healing the Eye Program, Dr. Kondrot set his sights on increasing brain memory. This three-day program’s goal is to boost your brain power and sharpen your memory. The data gathered from the treatment will be used to make a more extensive five-day program.

These are the tests that will be done during the program:

  • Six-hour urine analysis
  • Neurological evaluation (includes balance, cognitive, and memory functions)
  • Nerve fiber layer measurement (the retina’s thinning layer can alert early signs of Alzheimer’s)
  • Visual evoked potentials (measurement of light conduction from eye to brain)
  • Zyto biofeedback testing

Three Days of Healing

The three-day program will stimulate the brain and help it function better. The treatment includes:

  • Daily lectures and educational movies
  • Delicious organic brain food
  • Hyperbaric oxygen
  • Infrared sauna
  • IV ozone
  • Microcurrent treatments
  • Nutritional IV
  • Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
  • Thor Cold Laser Therapy


For more on how to increase brain power through the help of electrical currents, watch this video by NU Feinberg Med.

How to Increase Brain Memory and Sharpness

With the help of Dr. Kondrot’s program, you can experience an increase in brain memory and many other positive effects. Microcurrent treatment coupled with regular brain stimulation can go a long way in ensuring you have a healthy brain for a long time.

What do you think of microcurrent and Dr. Kondrot’s program? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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