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1. What Is Macular Degeneration

Feature | What Is Macular Degeneration
When you or a loved one notices changes to personal vision and eye health, it may stem from macular degeneration. By understanding how the eye condition impacts your vision and clarifying what is macular degeneration, you will recognize the signs of the condition. It also helps you determine by taking a macular degeneration test when to seek treatment, and the appropriate solutions based on your visual health… Click to read more

2. Treating Glaucoma: Important 3’s You Should Understand

Feature | Treating Glaucoma: Important 3's You Should Understand
Treating glaucoma takes time. It involves a continuous change in diet and lifestyle. Instead of undergoing laser surgery for glaucoma, there are more natural ways to treat and prevent this condition… Click to read more

3. Do Macular Injections Increase Risk Of Stroke?

Do Macular Injections Increase Risk Of Stroke?
A lot of doctors use macular injections in several eye treatments nowadays. While this treatment has its pros due to its capability to increase blood vessels, it does not sit well with the eyes. On the contrary, it can even cause harm to us by increasing our chances of stroke and other heart problems… Click to read more

4. Optometry Vs Ophthalmology: How Do They Differ?

Feature | Optometry Vs Ophthalmology: How Do They Differ?
Optometry vs ophthalmology: What’s the difference between these two? Think you might need new glasses or deal with those weird squiggles you keep seeing? With these concerns in mind, you might get confused which eye specialist you should go to–an optometrist or an ophthalmologist? Choosing the right one can be perplexing when you’re confronted with vision care listings for both ophthalmologists and optometrists… Click to read more

5. The Stem Cell Model of Macular Degeneration Is Finally Created

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A group of researchers finally created a macular degeneration stem cell model. This is a huge success in the field of stem cell research and indicates progress. So, what is the impact of creating a stem cell model for macular degeneration? According to this report by The Association of Optometrists, this could pave the way to the development of new treatments for the condition… Click to read more

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