1. Cataracts Surgery FAQs

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Getting cataracts surgery might seem scary at first. After all, surgery costs a lot of money, not to mention the risk and side effects involved. Learning more about the treatment will help put those fears to rest and encourage people to seek treatment… Click to read more

2. How Does Macular Degeneration Cause Blindness?

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What is macular degeneration? How does macular degeneration cause blindness? This post will explain the nature of the disease. Get to know macular degeneration symptoms, risk factors, and treatments. Continue reading and get informed about AMD… Click to read more

3. Cataract Prevention: Things To Know

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Information on cataract prevention is something that people of all ages need to know. The chances of developing cataracts increase as we age. Cataracts are more common in older people (aged 80 and above), but people in their 40’s can already develop one of the types of cataract (secondary, traumatic, congenital, radiation, etc.) due to different factors. Also, conditions like diabetes can contribute to the likelihood of having a cataract. Eliminate the possibility of undergoing cataract surgery or cataract treatment by practicing these early preventive measures… Click to read more

4. How Does Focal Scurvy Cause Cataracts?

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Some of you might be wondering how focal scurvy can cause cataracts. Scurvy is characterized by generalized weakness, anemia, and a generalized breakdown of the integrity of the connective tissue throughout the body. It then results in the easy bleeding of the gums and into the soft tissues. So what links scurvy and cataracts? We’ll discuss it further as you read through! Click to read more

5. Cataract Awareness Month | Everything You Need To Know

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June is Cataract Awareness Month! Do you know what exactly are cataracts and are you aware of its symptoms? This article will give you everything you need to know about this eye disease, its prevention, and possible cures… Click to read more

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