1. What Are The Uses of Medical Marijuana?

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Medical practitioners are finding more and more practical uses of medical marijuana. This has been a subject of debate among the general public and people in the medical field for years now. Some argue this is just an excuse for people to get high, but research and clinical studies show otherwise… Click to read more

2. 7 Types of Cataracts and How To Treat Them with Natural Remedies

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What is cataracts? What are the diffrent types of cataracts? And how can you treat it? We’ve got all the information to your frequently asked cataract questions, as well as how you can treat or prevent cataracts with natural non-invasive remedies so you can avoid the need for cataract surgery… Click to read more

3. Are Cataracts Always Visible?

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People who have been diagnosed with cataracts tend to ask the common questions, such as what is a cataract? Are cataracts always visible? If they are visible, are they detectable early on? In some instances, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see your pupil is milky white instead of its normal black hue. This isn’t always the case. What if we told you, you can’t always see your cataracts? Click to read more

4. Macular Degeneration Prevention: What Foods Are High In Zinc?

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Not eating enough foods high in zinc can lead to macular degeneration. This crucial mineral is one of those tricky nutrients that you need to keep an “eye” on in order to get enough each day. Other than oysters, there are few foods which by themselves provide adequate daily zinc. That’s why you need to plan ahead in order get your daily value (DV) of the nutrient. Sprinkle zinc-rich foods throughout your daily routine. That way, you’ll reap the mineral’s many health benefits, including lowering macular degeneration risks… Click to read more

5. How To Reverse Cataract Without Surgery?

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Want to know how to reverse cataract without surgery? It sounds impossible, but you can actually do it without going under the knife. This simple guide gives you natural cures for cataracts and other natural cataract treatment recommendations. This guide will also show you how to reverse cataracts naturally via nutrition… Click to read more

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