Halloween is one of the most-awaited and favourite holidays of Americans. With so many Halloween festivities, people enjoy going beyond their theme-based costumes. They use some props, contact lenses with dark makeup and accessories that match the  Halloween theme. What they don’t know is that most of the decorative eye lenses, sharp props or paint around the eyes can lead to eye infection and injuries.  Most often, people buy decorative contact lenses from local costume shops, beauty salons, drug stores, online stores or even fleas markets that don’t require any medical prescription. And this is how they get the serious eye infection that becomes the scariest part of their Halloween later.

Well, if you are also going to participate in Halloween and want to look different than others, then you might be wearing certain props and  Halloween makeup. Thus, it is recommended to keep your eyes safe from any eye infections and serious injuries by following certain eye care tips.

Makeup: Makeup plays the most important role in your  Halloween costume. You should always keep the makeup away from your eyes and leave some area around the eyes to avoid any sense of burn or sting in the eyes due to those makeup products. You can even use hypoallergenic makeup to protect your eyes. Moreover, after the Halloween party, you should remove your makeup without getting late to prevent irritation or any allergy.

Masks: Wearing masks at your  Halloween party can be fun but dangerous at the same time. Some Halloween masks have small eye holes that limit you to see properly. You can also widen the eye holes from your mask to have a better peripheral vision.  If you are wearing a mask in the night Halloween party, then remove the mask while walking over the dark pavement or unstable ground. Also, keep a flashlight with you so that you can see what lies in front of you while entering in the dark place.

Decorative Contact Lenses: Every year people get eye injury due to wearing decorative contact lenses on Halloween. This is because these lenses can be expired, damaged or made with unsafe dyes. Thus, these lenses can cause serious eye problems such as blurred vision, irritation, fungal infections, abrasions and even cause permanent vision loss.

Sharp Props: You should keep more caution if you wear sharp props along with your Halloween costume. Props such as knives, swords and other pointed stuff can cause serious harm to your eyes. You can opt for safety and get props that are flexible, soft and rounded while accessorizing.

Apart from this, you should also avoid wearing false eyelashes as they may also harm your eyes. And make sure that that your costume fits properly and does not drag on the ground as it may cause kids to trip.


A safe Halloween just needs some care and forethought planning. All these above-mentioned tips help you enjoy your Halloween party with theme-based dressing while protecting your eyes.

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