Have you noticed some swelling, pain, redness or itching in your eye? If yes, then you likely have any type of eye infection. Commonly, eye infections fall into 3 major categories depending on their causes and symptoms: Bacterial, Viral or Fungal. All types of eye infections from these categories are treated differently. However, eye infections are easy to spot, thus you can seek treatment easily before the condition become worse.

Here’s all you need to know about the type of eye infections so you can figure out the symptoms and causes of each of them.


It is commonly known as pink eye, which happens the thin outermost layer of your eyeball- conjunctiva, become infected by any virus or bacteria. And that’s the result, your eyes become red, pink and inflamed. This infection can also be caused due to exposure to chemicals such as chlorine, in swimming pools. Sometimes, the condition can be extremely contagious and cause watery discharge from your eyes.


It causes severe inflammation in your eyes due to fungal and bacterial infection. Candida fungal infections are one of the major causes of this condition. The symptoms of endophthalmitis that need medical attention are mild to chronic eye pain, blurry vision, partial or complete vision loss, swelling or redness around the eye or eyelids.


Keratitis is also a common type of eye infection that happens when your cornea gets infected. Sometimes, it just appears as a swelling of the cornea and isn’t always infectious. Common symptoms of keratitis are light sensitivity, eye pain or discomfort, blurry vision, abnormal discharge or excessive tears.


It is another eye infection that is also called a hordeolum. It looks like a pimple-like bump on the oil gland on the outer line of your eyelids. When your oil glands get clogged with the excessive oil, dead skin or other matter, the bacteria develop there and that results in the sty.


Cellulitis happens when your eye tissues get infected. Young children are more likely to develop this infection as it is often caused by any scratch to your eye tissues. It can be noticed by the swelling or redness over your eyelids.  

Now, when it comes to the treatment for all these types of eye infections, homeopathy is considered as the best and quick solution. It is a natural form of medicine, thus it does not cause any side effects. The common symptoms of the above eye infections including redness, swelling, irritation, blurred vision or light sensitivity can easily be treated by getting homeopathic medicines. It works to heal the root cause of the condition due to eye infections and cures it in a few days.

Besides these eye infections, homeopathy is also a great alternative treatment for reducing the symptoms of major eye concerns such as myopia, colour blindness, glaucoma, cataract and even macular degeneration. Opting for homeopathy in the early stage helps you to avoid experiencing severe complications.

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