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1. Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma | Healing The Eye

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What is acute angle closure glaucoma? If the eye doctor tells you that you have glaucoma, that’s not really the whole story. Glaucoma is a medical term that can mean different things. That one word covers different kinds of illnesses that raise the pressure inside the eye. When that pressure goes up, the doctor knows you have glaucoma but not why you have it. The next step is to pin down the why and for some patients, the answer is acute angle closure glaucoma. Once you know what the problem is, you and your eye doctor can discuss the acute angle closure glaucoma treatment guidelines, so you’ll feel better and can see again… Click to read more

2. What Is Ophthalmology? | Healing The Eye

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What is ophthalmology? Taking care of the eyes is what ophthalmology is primarily about. This is a study that prioritizes the eye’s health and how to address its problems. Read on to know more about this science… Click to read more

3. Natural Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

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When you want natural eye drops for dry eyes, you want to find a safe option.Treating dry eyes starts with finding a solution that fits your specific goals. Focusing on natural eye relief means you use eye drops without harsh ingredients. They do not cause unpleasant side effects… Click to read more

4. Why Does Glaucoma Affect Peripheral Vision?

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Why does glaucoma affect peripheral vision? When you lose your peripheral vision, it is usually a side effect of a different condition. Glaucoma is the most common… Click to read more

5. Modern Eye Care Treatments | Healing The Eye

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Science and innovation have opened doors for a more cutting-edge approach to eye care and eye care treatments. Eye care treatments nowadays feature the latest in modern medicine, are minimally invasive but can deliver fast results too. Learn more about these eye care treatments and how they can promote vision health and quality of life… Click to read more

What eye care tips have you learned this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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