1. How To Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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There are various ways on how to prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Since it runs in the family, you might feel anxious about developing it in the future. The good news is, there are ways to reduce your risk of acquiring this eye disease. We’ve prepared a rundown of these helpful methods… Click to read more

2. Cataract Lens Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

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Cataract lens replacement is the most recent and important advancement in treating cataract patients since the 80s. Before the invention of cataract lens replacements, also known as intraocular lens implants or IOLs, a cataract surgeon requires their patients to use thick glasses or contact lens for their eyes after surgery… Click to read more

3. Cataract Treatment Without Surgery | Know Your Options

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When most people think of cataract treatment, surgery is usually the first thought that comes to mind. While cataract surgery effectively treats the eye condition, many people are reluctant to undergo surgical treatment for cataracts. Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy some of the benefits of cataract treatment without surgery. Know more about the possible cataract treatment options available right now… Click to read more

4. Natural Glaucoma Cure | Healing The Eye

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How can you reduce the pressure in your eyes as an effective and natural way of glaucoma cure? Stop the progression of permanent blindness and cure glaucoma naturally. Increase your knowledge about the factors that affect the optic nerve. In this article, we’ll be sharing ideas for natural treatments for glaucoma… Click to read more

5. Facts About Eye Cataracts You Need To Know

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Eye cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss of people over 40. According to the World Health Organization, cataracts cause 33% of visual impairment around the world. It is important to know some facts about this condition in order to prevent cataracts from occurring in the future. Here are some important pieces of information that will help… Click to read more

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