Dry Eyes

Are you suffering from dry eyes?

Have you been told there’s nothing to be done for you?

As a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, certified Homeopath, author of 2 best selling books and the host of Healthy Vision Talk Radio I have spent the last 30 years developing vitamin formulas that will help you. These are the protocols that I recommend for my patients and for patients completing my 3 day treatment program.

Dry Eye Treatments


Finally – Two unique eye drops which stimulate the production of all three tear film layers while supporting the health of the cornea, conjunctiva and eye lid. Two separate formulas, one created specifically for women, and one specifically for men. Both formulas share five powerful broad spectrum ingredients which relieve symptoms caused from inflammation due to aqueous deficiency, including severe dryness such as with Sjogren’s Syndrome. Additionally, women experience more dry eye symptoms due to hormonal fluctuations so we added the two most commonly prescribed ingredients for these symptoms. For men, we added two different ingredients associated with male pattern dryness. Male dryness is under-reported, and therefor underdiagnosed, so men should be asked specific questions to identify dry eye symptoms.

Start with Dry Eye Drops!


Dr. Kondrot’s Advanced Dry Eyes Protocol

Dry Eye Eye Drops

Advanced products for you to get the best results. Protocol used during his 3 day Healing the Eye Programs. Includes:
  • Homeopathic Dry Eye Drops $15.00
  • Ocular Function Spray $24.95
  • Y.E.S. Plant Based Omega Oils $36.00

Ocular Function

Dry Eye Eye Drops

Dry Eye Eye Drops

Y.E.S. Plant Based

Omega Oils


Dry Eye Eye Drops

Dry Eye Eye Drops

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Dry Eye Eye Drops
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