Are you suffering from glaucoma?

Have you been told there’s nothing to be done for you?

As a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, certified Homeopath, author of 2 best selling books and the host of Healthy Vision Talk Radio I have spent the last 30 years developing vitamin formulas that will help you. These are the protocols that I recommend for my patients and for patients completing my Kondrot restore vision program.

Product Description

This unique proprietary blend of active and key ingredients is custom designed by a leading eye expert and homeopathic ophthalmologist to support the excellent vision and guard against vision loss by protecting your optic nerve from damages due to environmental toxins, oxidative stress, vision disorders, and other elements. Dr. Kondrot has formulated this state-of-the-art comprehensive nutritional supplement specifically to improve optic nerve function. May work best when used in combination with other products from Dr. Kondrot’s Vision Healing Protocols.

Product Features

  • Only product developed by a world-renowned homeopathic ophthalmologist!
  • Contains a unique blend of vitamins and herbs to support optic nerve function
    • Vitamin B12 at high doses to repair and protect the optic nerve
    • High levels of antioxidants to protect the optic nerve
    • Choline: an important precursor for healthy neurological tissue
    • CoQ10: a precursor of energy production and an antioxidant vital for nerve tissue
  • Includes digestive support and a proprietary blend to ensure better uptake of the nutrients in this formula
  • Does not contain yeast, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch or artificial preservatives

For a list of all ingredients

Start with Optic Nerve Support!

Optic Nerve Support

Optic Nerve Support
Dr. Kondrot’s best-selling product for glaucoma. Begin now to save and improve your eyesight.
1-Month Supply – $119.95
Optic Nerve Support

Dr. Kondrot’s Advanced Glaucoma Protocol

Advanced products for you to get the best results. Protocol used during his 3 day Healing the Eye Programs.

Optic Nerve Support

  • Optic Nerve Support $119.95
  • Ocular Function Spray $24.90
Order all of Dr. Kondrot’s Glaucoma Protocol Price: $144.90

Optic Nerve Support

Optic Nerve Support

Optic Nerve Support
Optic Nerve Support

Ocular Function Spray

Optic Nerve Support
Optic Nerve Support

Homeopathic Glaucoma Tissue Salt $15 

Optic Nerve Support
Optic Nerve Support

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Optic Nerve Support
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