Red beets are another superfood everyone wants to get their hands on. The list of red beet benefits can go on and on. They’re best known for its dietary nitrates. These are what the body uses to restore its health. Looking for a new way of how to eat red beets? Keep reading until the end. There’s an easier way of consuming one of the most colorful superfoods of all time.

Red Beets: Jumpstarting Your Road to a Healthy Body


1. Red Beets

Red Beets | Red Beets, Dietary Nitrates, and Its Option for a Healthier Body

Red beets have loads of dietary nitrates. The body converts these dietary nitrates into nitric oxide, upon consumption. The conversion starts as early as the mouth. The good bacteria in your mouth begins the process.

2. Nitric Oxide Advantages

Keep in mind nitric oxide and nitrous oxide aren’t the same. People usually call the latter ‘laughing gas’.

On the other hand, nitric oxide opens up the body’s blood vessels. Therefore, it increases blood flow and oxygen to the body’s different parts. As a result, nitric oxide aids in regulating blood pressure. It’s full of antioxidants, reduces triglycerides, and enhances stamina. It also can improve cognitive health, provide anti-inflammatory properties, and be detoxifying. This gives the body an added weapon against infection.

In addition to these, it also increases stamina through its oxygen usage efficiency, improves digestion, and also enhances ocular function.

3. Neogenis Products

Fortunately, people can consume dietary nitrates through an easier option. The Neogenis company presents its breakthrough products: Neo40 Daily and the Neo40 Professional. Both are patents of the company. Their products boost nitric oxide delivery to the body’s nitrate pathway. That way, more nitric oxide is on standby as needed.

The Neo40 Daily is an over the counter product. However, its dosage and effects aren’t as strong as the Neo40 Professional.

The Neo40 Professional is the optimum product for those looking for something more powerful. This lozenge contains the equivalent of 6 beets. The dosage states 2 lozenges should be taken per day. Therefore, each day equates to 12 beets consumed.

One month alone of the Neo40 Professional is known to deliver outstanding results. Patients have gained clearer vision, lower blood pressure, and experienced less fatigue. Some doctors suggest a 3-month trial period for those interested in the Neo40 Professional product.


Interested in red beet’s other additional health benefits? Press play on the informational video below. It’ll turn non-believers into red beet converts:

Red Beets, Dietary Nitrates, and Its Option for a Healthier Body

They say the more colorful the food item is, the more nutrients and vitamins it contains. This holds especially true for red beets. It’s a superfood through and through with its almost never-ending list of benefits. Furthermore, red beets can be consumed in a number of ways. Go the Neo40 route or include them in recipes. They taste amazing in soups, salads, and side dishes. Roast them, char them, or even eat it on its own. In conclusion, the possibilities are endless for this well-loved superfood.

What are your favorite red beets recipes? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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