Millions of adults over age 50 struggle each year with vision loss caused by damage to the retina or common macular degeneration of the eye.  A great deal of work is currently being devoted to the treatment of macular degeneration and other retinal diseases using microcurrent stimulation.


This very specific form of low current bioelectrical stimulation in its current state of the technology can improve cellular metabolism and promote some healing in the retina. The results have been quite remarkable, with most of the people treated showing statistically significant improvement in one or both eyes.


It is being used to treat patients with the dry and wet forms of macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and younger people with Stargardt’s disease. All of these types responded positively to the treatments.

Is microcurrent stimulation safe for treatment of macular degeneration of the eye?

Side effects or adverse outcomes related to the procedure have not occurred so far. Specifically no increase in the conversion to the wet form of macular degeneration occurred in those treated. This means that although this treatment is thought to work by improving circulation, it does not seem to increase any tendency to bleed or produce fluid emissions.

What can I expect after microcurrent stimulation for macular degeneration?

It is possible to experience an actual improvement in vision. Many report that their vision becomes clearer and brighter following treatment. Some patient experience increased visual ability as measured by their ability to read an eye chart. However, this is not true for everyone.

For those who experience an actual improvement in their vision, maintaining the improvements requires ongoing treatment. When the treatments are successful and the vision improves, the results are not permanent.  Treatment needs to be continued in order to maintain the improvements.

It is thought that this treatment works by increasing blood flow and metabolism in the area being treated. When the treatments cease, it is thought that the improved blood flow and metabolism also stop. This is demonstrated by the regression in vision experienced when treatment is stopped. This can be corrected when treatment commences again. Microcurrent stimulation is not a cure, but when applied properly, using the best possible technology, it can bring at best real improvements in vision.

For which patients is this treatment most likely to be successful?

The patients with “wet” macular degeneration do not respond as well as those with “dry” macular degeneration.  Many of the patients also show improvement in their visual fields and in scoring on color testing. The other pleasant surprise is how well the patients with Stargardt’s Disease have responded to microcurrent stimulation therapy for the treatment of macular degeneration of the eye.

Can the “Wet” Form of Macular Degeneration of the Eye be Treated This Way?

Yes. Some people with the “wet” form of ARMD have benefited from this treatment.  The damage caused to the retina by the fluids and bleeding can be so severe that the retina is permanently damaged.

If a patient has had laser procedures, there will be areas of permanent scarring in their retina. Still, the response to microcurrent stimulation therapy is very good in those people who are treated with “wet” macular degeneration.

If you have the “wet” form of macular degeneration in both eyes, we need to see the medical records from your recent eye exams, or arrange for an exam, to determine the extent of your disease before we can advise you if you should begin this treatment.

If you would like a to know more about microcurrent stimulation for macular dystrophy treatment of the eye or if you are interested in learning more about homeopathic or alternative treatments, visit our website today at and then ask how you can become a patient of ours.

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