Save Homeopathy

Save Homeopathy! The FDA has recommended rescinding Compliance Policy 400.400, which has protected the practice of homeopathy for the past 25 years. This has established guidelines for manufacturing, labeling, and advertising which helps protect the consumer

The FDA has no plan to replace this policy except with arbitrary case by case decisions. This could put homeopathy under the same regulatory statute as pharmaceutical products and herbal products. Homeopathy cannot be judged under these standards. It is symptom-based and remedies are prescribed based on the person, not the disease.

Homeopathy is the safest form of medicine practiced in the world.

France enjoys a reputation for having the very best healthcare system in the world, as rated by the World Health Organization.

Given that news – think about this fact… 95% of all French GPs, pediatricians, and dermatologists regularly use homeopathy in their practices.

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