According to research conducted by Prevent Blindness, the majority of American women of 40 or above age are at high risk of getting visually impaired or blind. Moreover, they represent 61% of the people affected by glaucoma and 65% of the population affected by age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Furthermore, women are more prone to several eye disorders such as dry eye syndrome, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and general refractive errors.

Why Women Are At Risk Of Getting Eye Disorders?

Several studies have already proved that women live more than men, which keeps them in the risk zone of getting age-related eye diseases. If you don’t believe me, then must the stats, as a recent study revealed that there are twice as many women than men of 85 and more age in America. Additionally, women are working for more hours too, which may involve the use of computers, smart-phones, walking under the ultraviolet exposure and much more harmful and eye-straining activities.

How Can a Women Maintain a Healthy Eye?

With all these risk factors, women can still dodge all the chances of getting an eye disorder. Let’s discuss some essential lifestyle tips, which can protect your eyes and vision from the risks of vision-threatening eye diseases:

  • Make sure you take care of your chronic conditions:

take care of your chronic conditions

In case you are suffering from diabetes, chronic stress, or high blood pressure, you must manage these conditions to prevent your chances of developing eye diseases. It’s essential for you to take care of your overall body health as its directly and indirectly somewhere related to your eye health too.

  • Maintain a Proper diet and Exercise regularly:

Proper diet and Exercise regularly

Several types of research have proved that routine exercises and rich diet with nuts, proteins, and healthy nutrients aids in maintaining a healthy eye. Further, women must make sure they refrain themselves from excessive drinking, smoking, and reduce processed foods, and sugar intake.

  • Protection against UV exposure:

Protection against UV exposure

UV radiations are highly harmful to human eyes as they can develop eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration. Therefore, women must make sure to wear sunglasses to completely block UVA and UVB rays from entering our eyes.

  • Clean your makeup daily:

Clean your makeup daily

Women mostly do makeup and there are several verticals for eye makeup, which includes eyeshadow, eyeliner and many more. These makeups are done with the help of diverse skincare products which contain chemicals. Therefore, its recommended to women to clean the makeup when not necessary to keep the eyelids free from any sort of irritation or infection.

  • Scheduling daily eye exams:

Scheduling daily eye exams

Any chronic disease requires it to be diagnosed in its early stages to completely cure it. Similarly, eye diseases which are diagnosed early can be treated to prevent vision loss. Therefore, being active and going for regular eye checkups may help you identify any underlying signs of eye disorders.

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