There are a lot of alternative doctors in America for people who want to try alternative healing techniques. This book contains a list of alternative medicine doctors whose top practice define alternative medicine. Reading this book is like a consultation with a specialist in alternative and innovative therapies. Find out more about what this book has to offer!

What You Need to Know About The Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America


Preface of the Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America

Preface of the Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America | Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America Book Review
When Dr. Andrew Kondrot became President of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA), he was honored to represent a much-esteemed group of alternative doctors. They work tirelessly to uncover the latest health-restoring treatments. Most of their treatments, though unconventional, have proven to be effective.

The Origin of the Book

The Origin of the Book | Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America Book Review
Dr. Kondrot interviewed each doctor to learn how they made the transition to alternative medicine, what makes their practice unique, what types of conditions they treat, and the patients they serve. He changed his radio show, Healthy Vision Talk Radio, to the Top Alternative Doctors of America, and, over a period of months, interviewed each of the individuals who are contributing to change in the American Healthcare system. He went on to realize that more people would benefit from the information if he compiled a book of these interviews.

The Book’s Purpose

The Book’s Purpose | Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America Book Review
Dr. Kondrot’s first reaction as President of AHIMA was to ask how the wonderful, selfless, and creative work of their members might come into greater awareness. These doctors were not always known to the many patients who seek safe and effective alternative treatments to restore their health. Dr. Kondrot wanted to bridge that gap and allow more patients to meet these incredible healers.

Their Motivation to Provide Alternative Medicine

Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America Book Review
These clinicians are quietly working in the trenches, helping thousands of people without the national recognition of pop TV doctors or publicity. Several began their journey when their own health deteriorated and did not respond to conventional therapies. This happened to Dr. Kondrot as well, and this experience made them empathize with people who have tried everything to regain their health but remained sick.


Watch this video from VOA News to find out why more people are seeking alternative medicine!

Top 20 Alternative Doctors of America Book Review

Some of you may be ill right now, or you may have a loved one or friend who has been given a hopeless sentence from conventional medicine. Or you may be healthy now but want to keep resources handy, just in case. Open the pages of this book and receive valuable information to improve and maintain good health. Remember, hope is a component of the healing journey.

Looking for an alternative doctor? How would you go about finding a doctor who can help you the most? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments below!

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