Happy New Year to all. Lets make 2020 a great year for everyone’s vision! Here is the countdown to the top 10 advances in eye care begining with No 10. Listen to the Podcast for more details and besure to atten the Vision Event!

10 – A new mechanism for treating glaucoma. A drop that increases nitric oxide. 

9 –   Long acting eye medication. Increasing the effectiveness of treatment

8-   Testing and recording your eye pressures at home.

7-   Earthing -Protecting your eyes  from dangers of EMF-

6-   London Study on Vitamin C and Cataracts. Food is the best source of vitamins!

5-   Combining light/ EYE EXERCISES with and microcurrent will increase results

4-   A new method to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of microcurrent frequencies

3-   A new treatment to eliminate nasty floaters

2-  An FDA low level laser that reduces the progression on macular degeneration.

1-  New method for administering stem cells for eye disease. The Limoli Retinal Restoration Technique

These are a few of the topics of the live stream vision event 2020
Feb 15-16th, 2020
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