Our eyes are sensitive to the activities we pursue daily. Similarly, they aren’t exempt from the wear and tear of aging. There are rare cases in which people observe a sudden vision problem with their eyes, the rest of them are followed with several types of warning signs. Some such eye problems are severe, and some are not, but irrespective of their risk level, one must consult his/her doctor or ophthalmologist to treat the problem.

With aging, adults experience problems concerning to their eyes. As the eye ages, the eye lens becomes less elastic and its ability to stay lubricated decreases too. With all these factors included, adult’s night vision may also suffer, making it difficult for them to drive at night. These vulnerabilities in human eyes leave us with a sensation of sticky, irritated, dry, and gritty feeling. Such symptoms with time may convert to macular degeneration, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy. Warning signs are a vision-threatening indication, which demands an immediate response.

Some of the primary and notable symptoms of eye problems are as follows:

Sudden Blurriness

Warning Signs of Eye Problems in AdultsPeople with 60 or above age live at a higher risk of developing a macular hole in the most essential and focusing part of the retina. Experiencing a problem of sudden blurriness even in one eye is a sign you should visit an ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis and immediate treatment.

Flood of Floaters and Spots

Warning Signs of Eye Problems in Adults

Eye floaters are a common eye issue faced by people of 40 or more age. Mostly these problems are generated with age due to a condition referred to as vitreous detachment. However, an excessive shower of floaters and spots can be sight threatening detachment or tear of the retina.

Sudden Redness and Pain

Sudden Redness and Pain

Such symptoms are considered to be an attack of narrow-angle glaucoma, which can even damage the optic nerve of the eye. Hence, an urgent visit to the doctor and the appropriate medication must be taken.

Cloudy and Blurred Vision

Cloudy and Blurred VisionIf you are experiencing the above two problems, then you may be suffering from Cataract. It gradually worsens the vision condition and does not require medical emergency in preliminary stages. But with increasing age, the lens of the eyes will also become more cloudy, further deteriorating your vision.

Double Vision

Double Vision

Double vision can be connected back to several eye conditions. In some cases, this condition may also indicate an underlying health emergency such as a stroke. So, if ever you or anyone in your family experiences a double vision, immediately visit a doctor or family physician.

Blind Spots in the Field Of View

If you are suffering from diabetes and at the same time are encountering eye floaters and unexplained blurred vision, then you may be at risk of diabetic retinopathy. Therefore, it’s recommended for people of 60 or above age suffering from diabetes to go for a regular eye check-up.

Loss of Central Vision

Loss of Central Vision

The symptom of the straight vision line appearing wavy and distorted may lead to a chronic eye disease macular degeneration (AMD). It’s one of the leading cause of blindness in Americans.

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