In the summer seasons, we mostly enjoy outdoor activities in the fresh air and sunlight. Every season affects human bodies in different ways; the same goes for human eyes. In this article, we will address how can we protect our eyes while it’s summertime.

Prevention of Eye’s While Swimming:

If it’s summer, you will prefer to soak the sun and will dive deep in pools, beaches, lake or oceans to cool off the heat. These are among the most tempting activities that we consider in summers; there exist some precautions that must be kept in mind.

Be it public pools of small lakes, you never know how are they maintained, this increases the chances of eye infections. Shielding of eyes within water is necessary to prevent them from mild or severe damages. Using swimming goggles is one of the excellent options to save your eyes from the harshness of chlorine or saltwater.

Note: Several studies have revealed that frequent exposure of chlorine to human eyes, negatively affects the corneal epithelium. The epithelium is a layer of protection above cornea, which prevents it from pathogens and irritants.

Keep Hydrated:

Ways to Protect Your Eyes In Summer

Summers are all about warm weathers which ultimately leads to a dehydrated body. If you are running out of the water in your body, it would eventually affect your eyes too. Severe dehydration in the body can make it difficult for the body to produce tears, causing dry eyes and several vision problems. Drinking plenty of water every day may help you in reversing the adverse effects of dehydration caused to your body.

It’s a known fact that whatever your drink or eat, directly or indirectly impact your eyes. We are not just talking about carrots here; there are several food items which are rich in nutrients essential for healthy human eyes.

Prevent Physical Injuries:

Ways to Protect Your Eyes In Summer

The summer season brings dryness in our surroundings, which allows various particles, scraps, bits to readily sustain in the air. Majority of houses renovation and mowing of the lawn is also done in this season only. In summers, you never know, when can a stone, dust particle, or wood chip can hit your eye.

To prevent your eyes from before-mentioned damages, you must wear protective eye gears or goggles. Yeah, they sometimes are unattractive and uncomfortable but believe me, they are highly effective and efficient in protecting your eyes.

Avoid getting a ‘Sunburn of the eye’:

Ways to Protect Your Eyes In Summer

Photokeratitis is one painful condition that happens due to the highly reflective sunlight that shines off from sand or water in the summer season. Sun’s UV rays are responsible for skin tanning, and if they are reflected directly to your retina, they can burn the surface of the eye, causing redness, blurriness, and pain in the eye.

To prevent photokeratitis, you must wear sunglasses which support 100% UV protected. Keep your eyes happy with a fashionable goggle to keep it sassy too.



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