Eye floaters are a common problem, in which spots moving through the field of vision can be observed. They appear gray or black in color and are cobweb or stringy. Eye floaters move, drift, or dart when you move your eyes.

Usually, eye floaters are visible and noticeable when you look at something bright like a white paper or a blue sky. They surely are annoying, but generally, they don’t interfere with the vision. Most people ignore eye floaters, and they find that their occurrence gradually gets reduced in a few months or years. But, in some cases, the problem of eye floaters can take some severe changes and raise in frequency. With increased frequency, they are accompanied by flashes of light and sometimes even loss of side vision has been reported by people. These symptoms are dangerous and can lead to permanent vision loss.

Most people consider eye floaters to develop with age-related changes. However, there are other factors too that can trigger the condition:

  • Migraines or Headaches

  • Nearsightedness

  • Farsightedness

  • Torn Retina

  • Medication

  • Tumors

  • Posterior eye inflammation

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Eye bleeding

  • Surgery

The Natural Way to Cure Eye Floaters:

Follow some exercises:

What are Eye Floaters & How They Can Be Treated Naturally?

As eye floaters can be initiated by other eye disorders as well, it’s important to take care of your eyes in a manner that any such problem can be avoided.

Performing eye exercises such as rolling the eyes in a circular motion clockwise and then repeating it in counter-clockwise can help in keeping your eyes active. Another activity that can be followed is to hold an object (such as a pen) and focus on its tip, bring it closer to your face and then gently move away on that same level. Repeating these exercises will help you keep your eyes healthy.

Calm Down & Relax:

Calm Down & Relax

Eye floaters can sometimes be initiated when your eyes get strained and tired. Taking proper rest can consequently assist in giving decent rest to the eyes.

Eating Antioxidant-Rich Foods:

Eating Antioxidant-Rich Foods:

Antioxidants are effective in fighting off free radical damage, which can be a leading cause to eye floaters condition. Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, kale, and pomegranate are some antioxidant-rich foods.



Yes! Massaging your temples gently with a warm cloth while your eyes are closed can relax the strain generated in eye tissues. You can even consider the palming exercise to massage by rubbing your hands together to produce heat and then put them over your eyelids to cool the tissues.

Other necessary steps that you can consider are as follows:

  • Consider doing yoga to reduce stress as many of the movements during yoga involves the closing of eyes, ultimately providing rest to them.

  • Drink plenty of water to detox your body. It’s essential as the problem of eye floaters may indicate accumulation of toxin.

  • Avoid prolonged screen time as it’s too harmful to your eyes.

  • Use sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV rays that are harmful to your eyes.

  • Get a sound sleep to ensure that your eyes are not tires and do not get strained.

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