Eye floaters are dots or flashes in front of a person’s vision that seem like floating along with the eye movement. They are made from the vitreous of the eyes and thus they are also known as vitreous fluid, vitreous gel or vitreous humour. They may affect only one eye or sometimes both eyes. This gel-like substance full out most of the eyes and is completely normal in several cases. It means that eye floaters do not require any invasive treatment as they do not cause any internal damage to your eyes. However, they make it difficult to see clearly and require removal to ensure optimal eyesight.

Well, eye floaters appear in different shapes in any person’s eye which includes, small lines, rings, shadowy dots, cobweb shapes or any irregular shapes. Floaters are tiny but they can affect your eyesight significantly if left untreated. Well, it is important to visit an experienced and qualified eye doctor if you see any early signs of eye floaters such as a sudden onset of floaters.

When it comes to the risk factors, increased age is the significant reason behind the symptoms of eye floaters. Also, being myopic (near-sighted) is another risk factor that occur early in life. The process of vitreous syneresis is increased and leads to the vitreous detachment at a younger age in those who are myopic.

Here is some serious eye disease which is associated with eye floaters:

Eye Tumors: Eye Tumors are one of the serious eye concerns which are associated with eye floaters. Thus, it is important to visit an experienced eye doctor. They will make a complete diagnosis to identify the root cause of the issue and provide you with a suitable treatment solution.

Retinal Detachment: Some floaters are the normal part of ageing signs, but you notice sudden growth of floaters, then you might have another issue, which is retinal detachment. This is a serious issue that may lead to vision impairment or permanent blindness if the treatment is delayed.

Cataracts: Cataracts are another serious issue that is associated with eye floaters. They occur more commonly in those who have had an injury to the eyes. You can even opt for homeopathy treatment to get rid of eye floaters as it is effective in treating the symptoms of cataracts.

Asteroid Hyalosis: Asteroid Hyalosis is a serious ocular condition that is also associated with eye floaters. It is recommended to see your eye doctor get treatment for eye floaters to avoid serious complications

If you are also struggling with eye floaters and seeking the best treatment for them, then homeopathy is the best option for you. Homeopathy has been considered as the widely used and highly effective treatment approach for eye floaters.

An experienced and professional homeopathy doctor examine your condition promptly and provide you with the appropriate homeopathic medications.

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