What is Chelation Therapy and Can It Help Cure Macular Degeneration?
  • Chelation Therapy-01What’s the magic bullet to a long, healthy life?
  • Are toxins overwhelming our body’s ability to live?
  • Could Angelina Jolie have kept her breasts without risking cancer?
  • Is there an herb that can let women act like they never went through menopause?

Join Dr. Kondrot as he discusses chelation and detoxing with integrative doctor Dr. Garry Gordon.

All of us are hoping to find a magic bullet, and Dr. Gordon hasn’t found a magic bullet, but he tells has that he has found a basic program. Just like you don’t drive a car 500,000 miles without taking care of batteries, tires, motor and interior, it’s the same way with the human body. There’s no one magic bullet that’s going to let you live to your maximum intended useful lifespan.

For all of us today, we believe that is between 90 and 120 years. You’re not going to reach that without an owner’s manual, and that’s part of what my medical career has done. Its let Dr. Gordon develop his own owner’s manual. Today, he sees it as his job now to share that approach with as many as possible.
Looking at genetics, Dr. Gordon has developed an acronym called FIGHT for Your Health. FIGHT covers food, focus, infection, genetics, heavy metals, hormones and toxins.

If you do a certain 100-gene test, you will find that no matter what doctor you’ve seen, they have missed a key piece of the puzzle. Genetics play a very critical role in the treatment of your body.

Dr. Gordon has been known as Mr. Chelation since he wrote the protocol to get the lead out of people, and 10 million people have safely had the ability to cancel bypass surgery by taking chelation.

It is critical to get the lead and mercury out of our bodies. We all are born with an average of 1,000 to 2,000 times more lead in our bones coming from our mother’s body than any child’s bones just 700 years ago. We all have these challenges, but Dr. Gordon has found answers to these challenges.

Listen in to hear Dr. Gordon explain that there is a proven herb that can let every woman act as though they never went through menopause because they will look and feel like there was no menopause. They will be sexy and sexually active when they’re 75 and 85 because of a natural product, an estrogen receptor modulator of the beta receptor.

And what about Angelina Jolie who had her breasts removed? Dr. Gordon will tell us why this was based on very bad information and that perhaps it wasn’t necessary to have a life free of breast cancer.

Regenerative Medicine

We will also discuss regenerative medicine. That’s a stronger word than anti-aging. Anti-aging is okay for the rest of you, but when you’re born sick, you have to do more than just stop your aging. Who wants to live to 100 if you’re barely surviving?

You’ll also learn about the tests today that can identify who in our population is likely to die of a heart attack and who is not. We don’t need the hospital or an angiogram. Dr. Gordon will tell us what we do need.

Chelation and Cancer Treatment

Dr. Gordon will also discuss cancer treatment. He tell us that you’re going to be able to make any cancers that are caught in the earliest stages disappear no matter what your genes are.

Unfortunately, modern cancer treatment is so ineffective that you can state that if you have cancer that’s in your lungs, prostate or breast, if it has left where it started and moved to another place, we call that metastatic cancer. If you see mainstream doctors, in five years, only 2.3 percent are alive. In other words, you lose 97 percent of people once they have metastatic cancer.

It is no wonder that Dr. Gordon’s practice has an 80-90 percent survival rate. Listen in to hear what has made his practice successful and supported so many patients to healthier lifestyles that they never dreamed of.

What is Chelation Therapy and Can It Help Cure Macular Degeneration?
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