People (mostly women) are always excited about wearing makeup, as it helps look them glamorous. That’s the reason they put a lot of effort and time to put the makeup. But, what if this makeup becomes the problem and you can’t even see yourself in the mirror! Would you be able to pay this cost of beauty?

Makeup can undoubtedly enhance beauty, and sometimes cover up something you prefer to minimize, however, when not used properly and carefully around the eyes it may create serious medical problems that might be quite severe.

When foreign compounds are put around or into the eyes, it can cause a lot of problems. The simplest could be inflammation, however, that may cause redness, swelling, itching or even substantial injury to the eye. Those same foreign bodies can cause an allergic reaction, or even lead to disease.

When cosmetics are applied around the eyes, it also may create different problems. Fungal infections and bacterial growth may occur if makeup is not properly cleaned out of the skin; the cosmetic layers of powder, lotion, and pigment will provide these potentially harmful pollutants a hospitable environment to multiply.

  1. Make Sure You Wash The Brushes

Makeup brushes, in particular, will gather dirt and germs with the years. What this means is everytime you apply makeup using such brushes, you might well be spreading that dirt and germs on your own lashes or eyelid margins. It can tear film and perhaps damage your cornea.

  1. Be Cautious Of False Eyelashes

Even wearing false eyelashes could be potentially dangerous. Primarily employing any kind of glue near your eye might cause problems if paste moves the rip film or ocular surface. Glue onto the ocular surface can cause abrasions, bacterial diseases that can cause scars and potentially permanent visual damage which may require (laser) surgery to restore vision.

  1. Before Putting To Use Test The Products

It is, of course, essential to test cosmetic products before applying them, especially when it’s really close to a crucial body area. Just like you’d at the hairdresser, apply just a little bit of the decorative onto the back of one’s neck for an evaluation first.

Note: Avoid applying cosmetics when you are recovering from an eye infection!

  1. Check Its Feasibility

Based on research by the faculty of Optometrists over 50% of makeup users don’t check the instructions to see how long they ought to keep their mascara on for, with almost a fifth understanding they didn’t even know that such sort of advice existed on products packages.

  1. While Moving Avoid Putting Make-up

It goes without mentioning, however, wearing make-up whilst on the road or on a bumpy journey may be potentially dangerous. As a worst case scenario you could harm your cornea, that could lead to a corneal abrasion. Corneal abrasions are potentially very painful, correlated with severe discomfort, tearing and inflammation but seriously can result in bacterial infections of the retina itself.

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