Sometimes tears are produced by our eyes even when we’re not sad. These tears would act as guarantee to render moisture and lubrication for comfortable vision. However, when you become sensitive to light, you may have an urge to itching, experience blurred vision or really feel like there’s something itching in the eye, then it’s likely possible that you may have dry eyes. This condition can be painful and uncomfortable, requiring medical attention.

Undergoing an eye health exam is helpful for you to locate and ascertain the symptoms of any eye illness. This article explains what are the available options do you’ve for relieving dry eyes. Further, the article would suggest you with some lifestyle changes, and natural home remedies for treating dry eyes.

  • Warm Compress

One of the most conventional treatment is to apply a warm compress. This procedure aids to soften the hardened meibum (an oily substance from meibomian glands). Even though this can help cure symptoms of dry eyes, then that the compress has to maintain a specific temperature for at least 10 minutes for it to function.

  • Artificial Tears

Often purchased as or over-the-counter a prescription from your physician tears helps moisten the eyes. This remedy may treat cases of dry eyes resulting from prolonged exposure to digital devices and performing office- or – even work. They are available in various viscosities, and are prescribed as per the severity of the dry eyes to supply either short-term or long-term aid.

  • Dietary Supplements

Part of the dry eye therapy program is to take nutritionary supplements. Studies have found that supplements with omega-3 fatty acids can help to minimize the symptoms of dry eyes. You can also indulge in a daily diet containing these compounds, including fish like lettuce and salmon.

  • Punctal Plugs

These are small and sterile apparatus inserted into one of those tiny openings of the tear drainage ducts found in the eyelids. This therapy enables the tears to stay on the surface of the eyes for a longer period. You can know more about it by consulting your ophthalmologist.

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Lifestyle changes

  • Supplements or dietary resources of omega-3 fatty acids can reduce symptoms of dry eye. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found naturally in salmon, sardines, anchovies, and flax seeds. These acids have several other health benefits.

  • Quit smoking and drink up to 8-10 glasses of water per day.

  • Experts suggest that cutting back on sugar and artificial sweeteners might help to prevent dry eye ailments. Individuals with diabetes should maintain glucose levels within the range.

Home Prevention and Treatments

  • Fans, wind, and hair dryers will cause eyes dry. Too much air movement should be avoided by people with dry eye . Sunglasses might help shield the eyes outdoors.

  • Applying warm compresses to your eyes and then gently massaging the eyelids using baby shampoo can help to release the oil from the tear glands. This improves the quality of tears.

  • In cold weather, employing a bedside humidifier during night and adding a humidifier into a furnace can help to introduce some moisture back to the dry atmosphere.

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