Do you have watery or teary eyes? Well, tears play a significant role in your eyes. They keep your eyes moist and lubricated to protect against infection. There are glands under the skin of your eyelids that produce tears. When you blink, that gland spread and produce tears. Other glands produce oils that stop tears from spilling out or evaporate too fast from your eyes. Tears normally come and then evaporate, but sometimes they overwhelm your glands and cause watery eyes.

Most often, people ignore this concern, but it may develop some other symptoms if not diagnosed properly. However, it is common if you notice excess tears while laughing, yawning, coughing, vomiting, experiencing string taste sensations or getting emotional for a moment. There are many other reasons that make your eyes look watery.  People of any age can develop this condition. Well, watery eyes are not a serious eye condition as it can be treated by regular checkups and a little extra care.

Here are the common causes of watery eyes:

● Eye Strain: If you work on your laptop or computer for long hours, read something with small fonts or watch videos on the screen of your smartphone, you can feel watery eyes.

● Weather Conditions and Environmental factors: Weather conditions and environmental factors such as excessive cold, wind, sunshine, dusty atmosphere, smog or bright light are also the common causes of watery eyes.

● Allergies: Irritants such as dust, smoke or pollen can cause an allergic reaction in the eyes and produce excess tears in your eyes.

● Sinus Problems And The Common Cold: If you have a common cold, you get watery eyes along with nasal congestion, runny nose and headache.

● Conjunctivitis or related infections: Conjunctivitis, which is also known as the pink eye can also be the reason behind watery eyes.

● Ingrown Eyelash: Ingrown eyelashes can also cause watery eyes which is a common cause in children.

● Styes: They are small red bumps that develop on the lash line or eyelid and cause watery eyes.  Usually, a warm compress through a towel can help in healing sooner.

Besides, cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can also cause watery eyes due to excessive heat in the body.

Well, all these causes can be treated by prescription eye drops, antibiotics, putting a wet and warm towel on your eyes multiple times in a day that helps in unblocking your tear glands.

If you are suffering from prolonged or excessive tearing from any of the causes, you should contact your doctor or eye specialist to seek the best treatment for your eye condition. Here are some conditions for that you should visit your doctor immediately:

● Visual disturbances

● Discharge or bleeding from your eye

● Vision loss

● Swollen, red, irritated or painful eyes

● Tenderness around your sinuses  or nose

● Any object stuck in your eye

● Unexplained cyst or bruising around your eye

● Severe pain around your eyes.

If you are also suffering from watery eyes, then know your causes and symptoms and seek suitable treatment accordingly to maintain your vision.

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