IV World Oxygen and Ozone Congress
September 26- 28, 2013
Rome Italy

27 nations were represented and over 95 presentations on the positive effects of Ozone!








Dr Kondrot giving his presentation in Rome

These included topics on:
Heart disease
Obesity and metabolic disease
Chronic fatigue
Non healing ulcers
Disc pain
Ulcer stomach disease
Much more

Dr Robert Rowen was not able to attend so I was honored when he asked me to give his presentation called Triple oxidation in the treatment of cancer.
The triad of triple oxidation are: Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, Major Autohemotherapy (Mixing Blood with Ozone and re-infusing back into the body), Minor AutoHemotherapy (Injecting small amounts of blood mixed with ozone into specific tissues of the body, and Direct Intravenous Gas ( Injecting small amounts of ozone gas directly into the veins)

Dr Rowen presented several advanced cases of cancer including advanced liver cancer and melanoma that responded very well to this treatment.

Tumor hypoxia might be  correctable with these triple oxidative treatments. This report hypothesizes that improving tumor oxygenation with ozone therapy might assist in chemo-radiotherapy. Dr. Rowen emphasized that this is not to replace standard chemotherapy but acts as a valuable adjunct to improve results

Dr. Silvia Menendez from Cuba presented a 20 year study on the use of Rectal Insufflation Ozone in the treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa. This was a controlled study with one group receiving rectal insufflation ozone and the control group not receiving any treatment. Significant reduction in visual loss in the ozone group compared to the control group (no Ozone)

I presented my experience in using Ozone over the last 10 years in the treatment of various eye diseases. It was well received and a researcher from the University of Rome expressed interest in doing a collaborative study on the use of ozone in the treatment of macular degeneration

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