December 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to our December Newsletter!

December 2010 NewsletterDecember 2010 NewsletterDecember 2010 Newsletter
We wish you much happiness and clear vision over the holiday season! From left to right: Dr.and Mrs. K, Dr. Starwynn and Dr. O, Matt and Nancy
Video of holiday singing!December 2010 Newsletter

Stay grounded over the holidays! Practice earthing! It is described as the greatest health discover ever? On Dec 2nd I performed my first Stem cell surgery for eye disease. Please join me to battle Bill S.510. This bill will destroy organic farming ! Happy Holidays to all of you!Tentative schedule for 2011 is enclosed. Join me for a free seminar in your neighborhood. Take this important step to begin healing your eyes!!

To your good health and clear vision! Dr. Kondrot

At the International Light Association Meeting in Amsterdam, September 2010, I first heard of “Earthing” during Jim Oschman’s talk on Energetic Medicine. I thought that it might have an application in improving results with microcurrent

December 2, 2010 I injected stem cells that were processed at the Steenblock Stem Cell Center in California. The patient was near blindness from advanced optic nerve disease. I will keep you posted on her progress. It is expected to take 1 to 2 months before her vision will improve! these stem cells were not the controversial embryonic stem cells BUT autologous stem cells (cells taken from the person’s own body, concentrated and then injected back into the same person. For more info on stem cell therapy

DANGER THE ORGANIC FOOD INDUSTRY IS IN PERIL! In the dark of night, the US Senate passed S.510 last night with a unanimous consent voice vote (not a single US Senator opposed it). This bill if passed would give Monsanto unlimited control over all US seeds.We need your help to oppose this dangerous bill that could destroy small, local organic farmers and reduce the availability of healthy toxic free food!

Your help is urgently needed! This petition seeks to halt the passage of HR 2751 which contains the Food Safety bill that would harm small, local farmers by granting the FDA new powers to put small farmers out of business if they don’t comply with the burden of new government regulations.

Announcing our seminar schedule for 2011!

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