March 2011

Dr. Kondrot on KFNX
Dr. Kondrot broadcasting Healthy Vision on KFNX radio.
Stem cells show promise in the treatment of macular holes! Is there a connection between sinus disease and macular degeneration? Can pressure on your index finger treat macular degneration? Coming to a City near You…Next Stop – Houston, TX, April 3rd! Call now to register. Don’t forget to join me every Sunday on KFNX radio. You can listen online at
Your questions on the air are always welcomed! ARE YOU DOING YOUR MONTHLY MYERS COCKTAIL? DR O WANTS TO KNOW!!To your good health and clear vision!
Dr. Kondrot

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Listen to Dr. Kondrot on KFNX! Future guests include: Dr. Larry Jebrock, Prof. Abraham Haim, Dr. Bob Sanet! Please join me for very exciting guests who will share valuable information with you!

Is there a relationship between sinus disease and macular degeneration. Does sinus disease lead to macular degeneration?

Stem cells show promise in the treatment of macular holes! “We have entered into a new era,” Raj Vardhan Azad, MD, FRCS, FAMS, said at the World Ophthalmology Congress

Can pressure on your index finger improve macular degeneration? A report on an amazing study out of China using acupuncture to cure Wet Macular degeneration!

I find that many patients are not realizing the great benefit of doing this IV therapy on a regular basis. Nutritional IV therapy is probably the best and fastest way to get high levels on vitamins and minerals into the body. As we age, our digestive function decreases, which is why our nutritional status decline, and with that comes chronic diseases. What we have learned here in the office over the years, is that patients who receive nutritional IV therapy during their 3-day program do much better when compared to those who chose to skip this treatment. This is why we encourage everyone to have it done during the 3-day program. We also recommend that you continue with these treatments either with a local doctor or here in the office, because we have also found that patients who do their monthly IV for 6 months after the 3 day program are maintaining better vision! I therefore strongly encourage everyone to have them done either with your local doctor or here in the office. When you do, you’ll most likely feel and see better! Special the Month of April! Myers cocktail only $100! Reduced from our standard fee of $150!!

Grand Canyon Institute Field trip April 12 -April 29, 2011
I am taking part in the Grand Canyon Institute Field Trip which will focus on the natural history and cultural history of the grand canyon. This full Canyon trip covers 225 river miles using paddle oar boats. I will be lecturing on Medicinal Plants of the Grand Canyon.

Healthy Vision Talk Radio will not be broadcasted live from April 12th to April 29th.
On April 17th I will present some excerpts from my book Healing the Eye and Wellness and on April 24th there will be a repeat of Improve Your Vision! Pass Your Drivers Test!

Homeopathy and Eye Disease in Riga, Latvia
I will be presenting a paper at the International Homeopathic Congress in Riga, Latvia. This is exciting for me for two reasons. First to share my experiences in treating eye disease with homeopathic to an international audience and second I plan to travel to Lithuania to visit the birth place of my grandfather Casmir Kondrotas who left Lithuania and immigrated to this country in 1901.

Coming to a City near You…Next Seminar Stop – Houston, TX. Call now to register. Limited seating 800-430-9328

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