November December 2009

November December 2009Happy New to all of our readers of the Healing the Eye and Wellness Newsletter! It is our wish that everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year along with good health and clear vision. I hope you enjoy the articles I have enclosed for you to read at the close of 2009. We look forward to bringing you updates on how you can improve your vision for 2010.To your good health and clear vision,
Dr. Edward Kondrot

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Gabriel Howearth Lecture
Gabriel Howearth Botanist, Landscape architect and Seedsman spoke at the Cave Creek Coffee House on Friday December 18, 2009. Gabriel who I met 5 years in La Ribera Mexico visited the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center for alternative treatments to help him regain his strength and functioning  after suffering from a stroke after complications after a several fungal infection. (To learn more!)
Glaucoma study
We are recruiting patients for a one day study looking at the effects of different spectrums of light on intra-ocular pressures.  Patients who are interested in this study will be required to spend all day in the office to have their pressures monitored after a 10- 20  minute application of light. Click here for more details!
How Homeopathic Medicines Work: Nanopharmacology At Its Best
Homeopathic medicines can and should be considered to be a type of “nanopharmacology” (Ullman, 2006). Although the word “nano” also means one-billionth of a size, that is not its only definition. (Read more!)
Listen to Dr. Kondrot on AM Impact for your health.
Dr. Kondrot was a guest on Dr. Dennis Courtney’s Radio Show on November 16, 2009. Dr. Curtney , a well respected alternative doctor who practices in Pittsburgh, PA,  has been very supportive  of our 3 day program and has helped many patients who need additional alternative therapies such as nutritional IV’s and chelation therapy. Click here to listen to the radio show!

3 day Programs for 2010!
We are finishing our final planning for our 2010  3 day program locations. These tentatively include Phoenix, AZ, Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC. I am very excited to bring you these breakthrough programs for treatments for eye disease. I have been offering these programs to improve visual acuity and functioning vision for over 10 years. For more information

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