September 2007

I now have my own blog at  I hope to answer all your questions using this new forum.  The August 18th  Bozeman Seminar was very successful. Special thanks to Dave and Ann Sward for helping my staff feel at home in Montana. Dr Charlene Werner made her début with a great talk on light therapy. Dr. Robert Rowen and I successfully climbed Mt. Whitney! I have also included some interesting topics related to your eye health.
To your good health and clear vision,
Dr. Edward Kondrot


Please visit my Blog at  The purpose of this blog is to have an open forum on various topics related to alternative care and eye disease. I welcome your questions, comments and experiences related to your eye care. I hope we all can learn from each other

Twice Conquered or Return to the Top
Every year Dr. Robert Rowen and I do an out door adventure. We became good friends after I treated his father for macular degeneration. He was kind enough to publish the results of his father’s treatment in the Second Opinion Newsletter.
Many of the subscribers of the Second Opinion are more interested in our next adventure   than the medical content in the newsletter! I hear comments from patients, “What a trip! What are you and Dr. Rowen doing next year?”  Last year we spent 5 days backpacking in Yosemite National park. Some of hiking was done over ice fields at altitudes over 10,000 feet. It was hard for me to adjust to ice and snow in July living in Phoenix!
I would also encourage you to subscribe to Dr. Rowen’s Newsletter. It is the single most valuable source of information to help you keep your health.
This year we decided to tackle Mt Whitney the highest peak in the lower 48 states. Mt Whitney is located in central California at the southern end of the John Muir Trail or JMT as the locals call it.  It was a very tough undertaking for me. Please read about our adventure

Bozeman Montana Seminar

September 2007
Dave and Ann Sward

The Montana seminar was a success. It was great to finally meet in person many of my patients who I have been consulting with over the telephone. It is nice to finally meet the person behind the telephone voice! I want to thank Dave and Ann Sward for there works in organizing this seminar. I look forward to my return trip to Montana in March 2008.
When of the highlights of the seminar was Dr. Werner’s discussion of light therapy in the treatment of eye disease.
View Dr. Werner’s talk on light therapy! .Click Here September 2007

CDs and DVD’s of the Pittsburgh seminar are now available .Click Here

We welcome Dr. Charlene Werner to our practice

September 2007
Dr. Charlene Werner
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kondrot and his staff for making me so welcome to Phoenix.  I never imagined that I would leave Texas …the land of big blue skies, country music and warm southern hospitality.  But gosh, Arizona has blue skies to match with beautiful sunrises and sunsets with warm friendly people.  I feel right at home!Dr. Charlene Werner
Developmental Vision Specialist
Dr. Werner will be adding the following services to help you attain your best visual “health and eyesight”.
•   Prescriptions that provide the most comfortable enhancing
•   Therapeutic prisms and tints that promote health and well being.
•   Vision training techniques that can improve memory, learning, and
The above services can make a significant improvement for those diagnosed with the following
•           ALZHEIMERS
•           STROKE VICTIMS
•           AUTISM
•           INSOMNIA
We will feature future articles how enhancing the visual system will improve these conditions and how you may receive a benefit from them.

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Ophthalmology in the News
High blood pressure medications can be harmful with glaucoma patients.
Maneli Mozaffarieh, MD and Josef Flammer, MD published a report entitled “Is there More to Glaucoma Treatment then Lowering the Intraocular pressure? In this article they stress the importance of protecting the optic nerve in glaucoma. Low pressure increases the probability of visual field loss. They even suggest methods of increasing the blood pressure to improve circulation of the nerve. (I feel that all glaucoma patients with nerve damage should reconsider taking their high blood pressure medication)  In this article vascular improvement can be improved by taking carbonic anhydrase inhibitors and magnesium. Omega -3 fatty acids and cacao beans are also beneficial due to their vasorelaxing properties
The article reports on the benefits of antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress to improve the function of the optic nerve. Green tea, coffee, dark chocolate and red wine contains polyphenolic compounds that reduce free radicals. Yes coffee! Not only does it have a polyphenol it also contains a selective compound that reduces peroxynitrate a free radical that damages the nerve.
Fruits that are rich in anthocyanosides such as bilberry are a powerful antioxidant. Other helpful compounds that the authors mention are coenzyme Q10 and melatonin.
Glaucoma Topics and Trends 2007 Issue #6Carbohydrates in the diet are a risk factor for age related macular degeneration. Not only are high carbohydrates associated with diabetes and diabetic maculopathy but now there is strong evidence that there is a link with macular degeneration.  The article studied a group of over 4000 patients. Those with a diet high in carbohydrates showed a much higher incidence of macular degeneration. The authors conclude that 20% of the cases of macular degeneration could have been prevented with a low carbohydrate diet. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition July 2007Could yogurt solve allergy problems?
Dr. Mark Abelson reports that our modern hygienic practices are related to the increase in allergies in our society.  Out cleanliness is the bane of our immune system. We need to be exposed to common allergens and pathogens to strengthen our immune system. Establishing proper intestinal flora might help with many of our allergic problems. Taking probiotics and yogurt can help change the intestinal flora to beneficial bacteria.  Hmm Patients with allergic conjunctivitis should be eating yogurt instead of taking eye drops! Ophthalmology Times August 15, 2007

Welcome Lynn Maloney! Our New 3 day patient coordinator!

September 2007
Lynn Maloney
I am the new 3 Day patient coordinator which Dr. Kondrot has established at the  “Healing the Eye and Wellness Center” I believe the importance of quality attention to every detail before you arrive and while you are at the center as well as your care is part of my duties.  Scheduling your appointments to air and hotel reservations, I can assist you to eliminate the fear of the unknown so your main concentration will be on healing.  Knowing that you have a liaison within the practice to triage your questions and trouble shoot any of your concerns so you will feel comfortable and not alone on your new path of health and vision after you leave our hands on care.  I look forward to meeting and assisting you.

Twice Conquered or Return to the Top
By Dr. Robert Rowen.
Each summer now my friend Ed Kondrot and I get lots of inquiries of our latest yearly adventure. This year, I suggested a trek through the highest of the high country in the continental USA – the high Sierra. I was there once before. In 1974, exactly 33 years younger, while a medical student, I made a solo ascent of Mt. Whitney, 14,496 feet with a fully loaded backpack from its incredibly steep east side. That was a most difficult trek. I am one of the few to have actually slept at the top. Indeed, I got altitude sickness that night and was forced to descend the next day to lakes at 12,000 feet on its west side. There I developed tendonitis in my right knee. That aborted my plan to backpack a few more days on the famous John Muir trail. I slowly hobbled in pain back up the crest and down 5000 feet and 8.5 miles back to the trailhead. I hurt even more from the missed opportunity to trek the trail.

Ed quickly jumped at the idea of a challenge. I got the necessary wilderness permits. Both of us vigorously prepared. I did much mountain biking and hiking, but did not have the luxury of preparatory trekking at high altitude where I live. We rendezvoused on July 30 with a car at each end, and slept at the Kearsarge pass trailhead (9200 ft) the first night.

The following day we trekked up the pass to 12,200 feet each carrying 45-50 pounds for an expected 5 night trip. We continued another 8 miles descending to 9200 ft. for a total of 10 miles for the first day. I handled the altitude quite well but my legs were wasted. Ed, who cured himself of asthma with homeopathy over 10 years ago, didn’t do so well with the low oxygen at high altitude. He needed frequent “comfort” breaks, but his legs were strong.

The following day we descended into Bidette Meadows experiencing a Shangri-La type experience in one of the most beautiful mountain valleys I’ve ever seen. My legs were still sore so we agreed to camp after just 4 miles where a gorgeous waterfall was cutting a small gorge. We showered in the spray.

With the rest, we agreed to now push real hard with long days to timely complete the trip early for both of us to return to our work. And did we push. On day 3, Ed had aroused me at 4:30am for an “early start”.  I wasn’t pleased. I returned to my sleeping bag for another 30 minutes but we managed to begin moving at 6:30am. We sorely underestimated the distance to make Forrester pass (13,180ft). It was 6 miles away and a grueling 3600ft climb. Ed again suffered from the altitude and his going was slow. My legs were stronger after the rest. Again I took the altitude real well. Ascending this long and very large altitude gain was the hardest hike we had ever done. We continued another 6 miles descending to about 10,200 feet to a river camping area. We chose to camp just ½ mile further at a small stream. But that required us to reascend a paltry 200 feet and both of us barely made it. Our legs were like burnt toast.

Day 4 was less challenging but spectacular beyond our expectations. Our legs were recovering quickly now and we were able to travel about 12 miles up and down and up a few thousand feet. The vistas of the high Sierra can’t be described. We got views of the west side of Mt. Whitney that simply took our breath away even when we took a break. The glacier carved valleys of the high Sierra could not have done more to prove the work of the hands of God than any other spectacle I’ve seen. We ended the day at a lake at the foot of Mt. Whitney in such a valley at 11,900 feet. The total day’s distance – about 12 miles. Our legs were strengthening. Nearly vertical white magnificent granite peaks surrounded us. The temperature dropped below freezing. The night time sky was ablaze with the Milky Way. Ed wanted to get out a day early if possible. That required that we take the trail up to the pass (2 miles, 13,670ft.), drop our packs, and do 1.7 miles each way along the Sierra crest to Mt. Whitney,  and then out another 8.5 miles to the trailhead dropping a dramatic 4,500 feet down steep switchbacks. While our legs sprung from the freedom of no packs, the low oxygen was ever present and short comfort breaks were still needed. Ed, admitting that he never thought he would make it up Forrester Pass did much better without the pack.   He arrived on the summit 10 minutes after me. It was joyous for me to see where I had slept 33 years ago and again take in one of the most awesome views in North America. We celebrated our arrival with picture taking. I successfully connected a cell phone call to Terri from the summit to tell her we were alive and well, and successful.

We then quickly returned to our packs at trail crest and descended. We had only a few hours before sunset and knew it would be close to make the 8.5 miles in daylight. We took very few breaks, just enough to ease the pain on our shoulders from the packs. The valley was just gorgeous. We arrived at the trailhead just as darkness was descending, successfully exiting a full day early! Wasted is an understatement. Even with dropped packs, we hobbled to the car.  We exited the wilderness for our first meal off the mountain.

Times have changed in the 33 years since I was last there. Permits are now required. So many people want the challenge that the Forest Service requires hikers to carry their own poop in the Whitney zone to preserve the water quality for those camping after. Bear canisters are required for food protection. But for me it was a double victory. I trekked five of the toughest days ever without a whimper from my knee, which took a beating in my “youth” after only three days on the mountain. The difference? I can only relate it to my diet. Back then I was eating lots of meat and even took hard salami with me up the mountain. This time, all of my food was vegan, and most raw. I thrived.  The only beating I took was sore shoulders and sore leg muscles which recovered quickly.

Ed is nagging me to do another most challenging trip next year that I thought would be too hard on my knees. However, we both realized that this trip was likely twice as hard, considering the altitude and steep ascents and descents.  My knees did so great that I am considering. Of course you’ll read about the next one next year.

I am always pleased to tell you about these journeys. Even at 57 each, we were not the oldest up on the peak. We saw one man who had to be over 70. My underlying message is that life is far more beautiful with a healthy body. I do walk my talk and the performance demonstrates the power of a healthy lifestyle. My parents, still concerned about my vegan living foods diet, have lost all of their worries by the demonstration of the power and endurance it sustains. My heart rate maintained itself for hours at a steady 140 or more up the Sierra’s most difficult slopes. Few people in today’s world can do that. Even Ed only mustered about 120, likely impaired by residual lung damage from his earlier asthma.
I encourage you to live life to your fullest. That doesn’t mean trekking halfway to the ozone layer. It means eating right and exercising, preserving your body so that you can do in your sunset years all that you dream, without disability. I wasn’t planning to return to Mt. Whitney for a third run, but now my daughter wants to experience the exhilaration of the feat together with me. That could propel yet one more time. But even if it isn’t Mt. Whitney, to be able to trek and see the wonder’s of God’s creation, be at one with it, and escape the bondages of today’s modern world, even if only for a few days, is something I want to retain until the very end of my days. I hope that these adventures will stimulate you to heed my advice in these pages, that you’ll make efforts to preserve your body and mind as well for as long as you are here.

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Unable to come to Phoenix for Dr. Kondrot’s 3 day program?

3 Day program expands to other cities!

Dr. Kondrot and his staff are bringing  his 3 day Treatment Program to you! Yes we are packing our bags and are going to a city near you! New Braunfels, TX, St. Petersburg, FL, San Diego, CA, Helena, MT, Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Pittsburgh, PA

September 2007

New Braunfels, TX 
November 17, 2007   One day seminar on Healing the Eye and Wellness
November 18, 19, 20, 2007   3 Day TreatmentProgram

St. Peterburg, FL 
January 19, 2008   One day seminar on Healing the Eye and Wellness
January 20, 21,22, 2008   3 Day TreatmentProgram

San Diego, CA 
February 23, 2008   One day seminar on Healing the Eye and Wellness
February 24, 25,26, 2008   3 Day Treatment Program

Helena, MT 
March 29, 2008   One day seminar on Healing the Eye and Wellness
March 30, 31, April 1, 2008   3 Day Treatment Program

Ft Lauderdale, FL 
April 19, 2008   One day seminar on Healing the Eye and Wellness
April 20, 21,22 2008   3 Day Treatment Program

Pittsburgh, PA 
May 17, 2008   One day seminar on Healing the Eye and Wellness
May 18, 19, 20, 2008   3 Day Treatment Program

The charge for the one day seminar will be $50.00. If you participate in the 3 day program the fee will be applied to the cost of the program. There is no charge for patients who have participated in one of Dr. Kondrot’s 3 Day Programs.

The One day seminar will include
Understand Your Condition (in a brand new way)
Feast for Your Eyes
Supplement Your Diet
Essential Herbs for Your Vision
Cope with Stress
Exercises to Strengthen and Relax your Eyes
Color therapy to restore vision
Homeopathy: Healing from Within
Microcurrent Stimulation: Wake Up Your Eyes
Three-Day Treatment Program (Subject to patients needs)Day 1
Initial consultation with Dr. Kondrot
Functional vision consultation with Dr. Werner
2 treatments utilizing both microcurrent and light therapy
Lecture – Dr. Kondrot’s philosophy of healing the eyeDay 2
2 treatments utilizing both microcurrent and light therapy
Homeopathic evaluation with Dr. Kondrot
Lecture on the 70/30 diet. Vitamins and homeopathy

Day 3
2 treatments utilizing both microcurrent and light therapy
Naturopathic evaluation (Subject to availability)
Final vision and instructions on home treatment program
Lecture on using the Microcurrent and other steps to take to improve your vision

Details of 3 day program

Space for these programs are limited. Please call now for more information or to reserve your space! Interested in a seminar or 3 day program in your city? Contact the office for more information.

For more information please email [email protected] or call 1-800-430-9328/ 602-631-4504

CDs and DVD’s of the Pittsburgh seminar are now available! You can order the entire one day seminar on CD or DVD which includes the following topics:

  • Good Nutrition
  • Detoxification
  • Homeopathy
  • Microcurrent
  • Chelation therapy
  • Exercises for your eyes
  • Intravenous lipids and other therapies
  • New treatments for macular degeneration
  • New treatments for glaucoma
  • New treatments for cataracts
  • Questions and answers

The price of the CD’s and DVD’s includes an 88 page workbook.

The following are a few testimonials from the seminar.

The seminar was refreshing. Dr. Kondrot has picked me up my spirits and has motivated me to begin doing alternative therapy. T. M.  Covington, KY

The seminar was enlightening. I enjoyed getting more information about macular degeneration and steps I can take to improve my vision. I enjoyed all the speakers. BS  Boca Raton, FL

I enjoyed the seminar very much. I could feel Dr Kondrot’s passion. He is looking at eye disease in a much different way. B. M  Pittsburgh

She likes the way the information was presented in simple terms. Dr. Kondrot explained eye diseases and treatments very well.  He explained things in a positive way. Need more of them. RC  Munhall, PA

It was the first seminar like this I every attended. Everything interested me. By no means will you fall asleep at this seminar! GP  Latrobe, PA

5 audio only CD’s only   $49.95
5 DVD’s audio and video $129.00

Please contact the office for more information
[email protected]

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