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A new publication!  Microcurrent in the treatment of Stargardt's Disease.

A short review of Microcurrent Stimulation in the Treatment of Ocular Disease and a Case Presentation of 3 Stargardt’s Degeneration Siblings Treated with Transpalpebral Microcurrent Stimulation

We present a short review of the use of microcurrent in the treatment of ocular disease and a case presentation of the treatment of 3 siblings, ages 11, 9 and 7, with genetic documentation of ‚Stargardt’s disease and moderate to severe visual loss using Transpalpebral Microcurrent stimulation. After three days of twice a day, Transpalpebral microcurrent treatment visual acuity improved 28%, contrast sensitivity 7% and campimetric visual fields improved 68%. Patients continued once a day treatment at home. Measurements at six months showed an additional 13% improvement in acuity, an additional 8% in contrast. There was also a marked improvement in visual function, performance in school, and outdoor activities. No adverse effects were reported. Keywords: ’Stargardt’s Disease; Transpalpebral Microcurrent Stimulation; Campimetric Fields

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