While there are a lot of medications that may aid or prevent glaucoma, it’s also good to know some of the best herbal products to help treat glaucoma. This disease is an eye condition that can hit anyone. In this post, we will share with you the natural remedies you can use to help treat glaucoma.

Best Herbal Products for Glaucoma


What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition wherein the eye’s optic nerves become detrimental and further damages the eyesight over time. Intraocular pressure is the increased pressure that impairs the optic nerves. Hence, the images delivered to your brain are blurred. If this goes on untreated, there is a big possibility of loss of vision.

Who Is Susceptible to Glaucoma?

Most glaucoma patients are 40 and above. However, in a few cases, infants can also have it. If family members have glaucoma, there is a big chance that an individual will inherit it as well. Eye injuries, inflammation, diabetes, and hypertension may cause glaucoma as well.

What Are The Symptoms of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma’s symptoms may or may not be that evident in its early stages. That is why it is often referred to as the “sneaky thief of vision.” If you are experiencing sudden eye pain, dizziness, blurred vision or seeing the appearances of halo-like shapes around lights, it’s best to seek medical checkup.

What Are the Herbal Products for Glaucoma?

What Are the Herbal Products for Glaucoma? | Best Herbal Products To Help Treat Glaucoma
Here are some of the best herbal products that may help by either increasing or reducing the amount of fluid that drains out of the eyes. These come in eye drops or pills:

  • Gingko Biloba – This is one of the best selling herbs throughout the world. Additionally, herbal doctors recommend this herbal product for cognitive enhancement that supports brain health. It also suggests healthy blood circulation. Moreover, Gingko Biloba maintains the normal function and tone of blood vessels by supporting healthy glucose and oxygen metabolism in the brain. It also stabilizes capillaries making them stronger.
  • Coleus Forkskohlii / Forskolin – Coleus Forkskohlii is an Ayurvedic herbal plant that grows mostly in Nepal, Thailand, and India. Herbal doctors use this natural remedy as a treatment for skin, lung, and heart problems. In some instances where glaucoma increases intraocular pressure, forskolin aids lower the pressure through topical application. It expands the cyclic AMP concentrations that enhance cardiac contractility of the eyes.

Tips on Using the Best Herbal Products for Glaucoma

Here are some practical tips if you consider using herbal products to help treat your glaucoma:

  • Follow your doctor’s prescription when using herbal products for glaucoma. To ensure the effectivity of these natural remedies, you can use alarm clocks or sticky notes to remind yourself that it’s time to use the herbal product.
  • To reduce the risk of side effects, you must know how to use the eye drops the correct way. If you experience any side effects from the herbal products you’re using, inform your doctor right away.
  • Consult your doctor first before taking over-the-counter medicines especially if you’re at risk of having closed-angle glaucoma (or if you already have it). You need to stay away from medicines that may dilate your pupil.
  • Inform your doctor about your condition and the prescription medicines you’re currently taking.
  • Use a measured-dose applicator or dispenser to ensure dosing accuracy. This is also a cost-effective tip.
  • Always bring with you an identification or wallet card stating you have glaucoma. You may also include the list of herbal products or medicines you’re using.


Here’s a short video from EyeSmart – American Academy of Opthalmology showing us how glaucoma works:

Best Herbal Products To Help Treat Glaucoma

Moving forward with a more cautious attitude, glaucoma can be managed to reduce its negative effects on lifestyle. Set some time and schedule regular visits to your eye doctor to keep the condition of your eyes in check. Discuss all issues with your trusted eye doctor so they can prescribe which herbal medicine works for you.

If you would like more information regarding herbal products for glaucoma, call our office today to schedule a consultation and we’ll be happy to address your questions and concerns.

Do you have other herbal products you would suggest we feature in our next articles? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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