There’s a lot talk around which eye drop is perfect for our eyes. Several options such as Lanosterol, Can-C, Oclumed, and DMSO are considered as an ideal option for cataract reversal. However, as Dr. Kondrot suggests, there’s more study required to reach a conclusion.

With this blog, we’ll be sharing the views of Dr. Kondrot on two eye-drops for eye care, DMSO and Oclumed.

All About DMSO

When asked to share some insights on how effective is DMSO, Dr. Kondrot said, I have to give credit to my good friend, Dr. Robert Rowen, for developing this product. It is a combination of DMSO, ascorbic acid, and glutathione.

Earlier, when discussed on how effective eye drops are fro cataract reversal, he mentioned that one of the biggest difficulties we have is getting these topical products to be absorbed into the eye. Of course, DMSO is a very powerful solvent. This eyedrop is a mixture of DMSO, ascorbic acid, and glutathione. The only problem with this eyedrop is that you need to have a prescription for it, and you need a compounding pharmacist. This is a specialized pharmacist who will make up this drop.

This solution needs to be kept refrigerated, is usually only good for 30 days, and is quite expensive, but experts have seen positive results with this preparation. In fact, some doctors report that up to 70 percent of patients who use this formulation will get some improvement of their vision and improvement of the cataract. Further, Dr. Kondrot said, “I’m not saying this will cure your cataract. It definitely can slow the progression and give you some improvement of your vision. There are some positive changes in terms of a decrease in the opacity of the lens.

This eyedrop is only effective if you have early cataracts. If you have advanced cataracts and you’re barely able to see, it’s unlikely that the DMSO, ascorbic acid, and glutathione preparation will have any benefit.

All About Oclumed

For cataracts, Dr. Kondrot refers Oclumed.

Supporting his recommendation, he suggests, “I like Oclumed because it is a combination of the N-acetylcarnosine, which I already spoke about. It also has glutathione in it, and it has a type of vitamin C and some other nutrients and ingredients. He mentioned earlier when you develop a cataract, the glutathione levels and the ascorbic acid levels in the aqueous humor begin to drop, so this product has glutathione, vitamin C, and the N-acetylcarnosine, which is a good combination.

The other thing he likes about these eyedrops is that they are more reasonably priced than the DMSO, glutathione, ascorbic acid drop. He haven’t done a comparative study, but his observation indicates that the Oclumed may be a little bit more effective than the DMSO eye drops. The reason Dr. Kondrot recommends Oclumed is it seems to be a better price with less problems in getting the eyedrops, and they last longer.

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