Enchroma glasses have been receiving a lot of attention lately, and why wouldn’t they? These glasses are life-changing for those who suffer from color blindness. Eager to know more about them? This article will help answer questions ranging from “What are color blindness types?” to “What do enchroma glasses do?”

Enchroma Glasses: Changing People’s Lives Across the Globe

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What Is Color Blindness?

Color blindness is also known as color vision deficiency. Contrary to what people might think, color blindness does not mean being “blind” per se. It simply means that people who suffer from this condition may have a reduced ability to properly see colors under normal light. People can inherit most types of color blindness.

There are times when people may have trouble telling colors apart or get the colors mixed up. As such, color blindness types fall under three major classifications:

  • Red-green color blindness – the most common of all hereditary color blindness. This type of color blindness is caused by the loss of limited function of protan, or the red cone, or deutran (green cone) photopigments.
  • Blue-yellow color blindness – this is the rarest among the three types. Color blindness is due to a limited or missing tritan or blue cone photopigments.
  • Complete color blindness – patients who suffer from this type cannot see any color at all. In some cases, vision is affected.

Is Color Blindness a Common Condition?

Color blindness is fairly common in men (1 in 12) but is less common among women (1 in 200). However, medical advancement has since helped people who suffer from certain color blindness types. Enchroma glasses, for example, help patients who have red-color blindness.

How Do Colorblind Glasses Work?

So what do enchroma glasses do? The glasses are a special type of eyewear with optimal filters that enhance specific colors. This is achieved through a complicated process that involves cutting out sharp wavelengths of light and separating red and green colors. Patients who wear enchroma glasses will then be able to see colors as they really are.

Who Invented Enchroma Glasses?

Who Invented Enchroma Glasses? | Enchroma Glasses | Correcting Color Blindness
The glasses are the brainchild of Andrew Schmeder, a mathematician, and Don McPherson, a specialist who holds a doctorate degree in glass science. Enchroma glasses are so groundbreaking that the research itself received the Tibbetts Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration in 2016. The two spent around ten years perfecting a pair of enchroma glasses for people with certain types of color blindness to see color as they are.

How Are Enchroma Glasses Used?

People who suffer from color blindness need to simply put on the enchroma glasses. Just like that, they can distinguish colors and improve their vision and overall quality of life. There are heartwarming videos online showing how color-blind people are finally able to distinguish color for the first time by wearing enchroma glasses. Check out this touching enchroma glasses video of a dad who can see different colors for the first time.

Can Kids Use Enchroma Glasses?

Yes, children and adults alike can use the enchroma glasses. In fact, there is a specific type specially designed for kids who are color-blind. There is also a wide variety of styles of enchroma glasses to choose from, to suit each person’s sense of style.

The Inspiring Effect of Enchroma Glasses

No doubt, enchroma glasses can be life-changing for those who suffer from color blindness. People who are color-blind will now be able to read traffic signs or warning labels without any help. When you think about it, this special pair of glasses not only can change patients’ lives but also their families and friends supporting them. Color-blind patients will no longer need to rely on family or friends to help or make adjustments to their way of doing things.


There is also this heartwarming video compilation by Vrrr Tube featuring people who seem to be seeing the world for the first time, thanks to the enchroma glasses:

Enchroma Glasses | Correcting Color Blindness

Enchroma glasses allow people who suffer from color blindness to see a world of difference. This special pair of glasses enables people with color blindness to see color—true to their form. Enchroma glasses not only corrects red-green color blindness, but it also allows people to live their lives as any person with normal eyesight does.

Want to learn more about enchroma glasses? Do you have a story you want to share about color blindness? Leave a comment below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on February 13, 2018, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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