1. What Are Nourishing Foods For Eye Health?

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The addition of foods for eye health to your diet can do wonders for you. Taking care of your eyes doesn’t have to be difficult! If you are looking to improve your vision or the overall condition of your eyes, you might want to eat more of the following foods! Click to read more

2. Enchroma Glasses | Correcting Color Blindness

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Enchroma glasses have been receiving a lot of attention lately, and why wouldn’t they? These glasses are life-changing for those who suffer from color blindness. Eager to know more about them? This article will help answer questions ranging from “What are color blindness types?” to “What do enchroma glasses do?” Click to read more

3. How To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters | Natural Remedies

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You might have come here to learn about how to get rid of eye floaters — the random spots that pop in and out of your line of vision. Often, floaters are not indicative of any major underlying condition. There are instances, though, when these must be treated to prevent worsening or the development of a more severe condition… Click to read more

4. Cataracts Prevention | What Foods Are High In Magnesium?

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Research suggests that a healthy diet loaded with high magnesium foods may reduce the risk of cataracts. This is just one of several health benefits that foods high in magnesium can provide. The mineral can also aid in digestion, sleep, and many other essential functions. Despite this, most adults fail to reach the daily magnesium levels recommended by the National Institutes of Health. This leaves most people at risk of cataracts, especially as they age… Click to read more

5. Glaucoma Prevention Checklist | Healing The Eye

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Glaucoma prevention is important in maintaining eye health. Prevention often begins with understanding risk factors in addition to glaucoma symptoms. Being able to detect glaucoma early on can potentially help avoid irreversible damage to your eye health. Given this, here are a few things you should know about glaucoma and its predisposing factors… Click to read more

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