If you want to know what nearsightedness is, and think you have it, you need to know more about this eye condition and how to treat it. The best way to find out if you’re nearsighted is to have a nearsighted test. But first, what is a nearsighted vision and when do you need nearsighted prescription glasses? Find out more about this common eye condition as you read through.

What is Nearsightedness | Everything You Need To Know About Myopia


What is Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness is an eye condition where you can clearly see objects which are near you but have difficulty seeing objects which are further away. This common vision condition is also called myopia. It can rapidly or gradually develop. In addition to this, it can also be passed down as a hereditary gene. This condition has a simple treatment but a riskier cure.

Causes of Myopia

Myopia is caused by a curved cornea or lens or when the eye is too long. When the lens isn’t evenly curved, light rays focus in front of your retina instead of on it. This results in the blurry vision of objects far away. This abnormality of the shape of the lens can be caused by environmental conditions or genetics.

Symptoms of Nearsightedness

Apart from having blurred visions of objects far away, you may also experience various symptoms of nearsightedness. You may experience excessive blinking, persistent squinting, and having the need to rub your eyes more frequently. Myopia also comes with headaches because of the constant eyestrain and worse vision during night time. Even without these symptoms, you still need regular eye exams in case signs of myopia may not be apparent.

Myopia for Adults

Adults around the age of 40 and above need more regular eye exams. It is during this age that adults have a higher risk of having eye conditions like glaucoma. After an initial eye exam at the age of 40, you’ll need another one every 2-4 years until you’re 55. By then you should frequently visit your eye doctor every year.

Treatment and Cure for Nearsightedness

When you visit your eye doctor, the most common prescription you’ll receive is eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. However, a more permanent cure for myopia is surgery. See your ophthalmologist if your vision is lowering your quality of life and ability to function properly during daily activities.


Watch this video from For Your Eyes Only to find out more about nearsightedness!

What Is Nearsightedness?

Nearsightedness is a common eye condition simply remedied with prescription glasses. It’s an eye condition where the lens of your eyes aren’t smoothly curved and leads light rays directly into the retina. There is no known cause for myopia but regular visits to your ophthalmologist can help you quickly seek treatment for this condition.

Do you have more questions about nearsightedness? Do you know anyone who has myopia? Share your thoughts and experience with us in the comments section below!

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