Glaucoma treatments boil down to one core process: improving optic nerve function. Healthy optic tract function can be achieved through different treatment options. For people who are looking for an alternative way to improve and restore their eyesight, we will also discuss a homeopathic option that could work in accordance with medical treatment plans.

Improving Optic Nerve Function: Doing It Safely


Glaucoma Treatment Options

Glaucoma Treatment Options | How to Boost Optic Nerve Function Safely
There are many ways to improve the optic nerve function of people who suffer from glaucoma. Doctors usually suggest the following treatment options:

Possible Side Effects of Medications

Possible Side Effects of Medications | How to Boost Optic Nerve Function Safely
Clinical procedures and medications come with their own downsides. Every pill is accompanied by a side effect, and surgeries do not carry a 100% guarantee of success. In addition, complications such as severe pain, eye bleeding, and infection could develop, not to mention the cost of the procedure. It’s important to discuss every option with your doctor.

While there is no substitute for the continued medical care and regular consultation with your ophthalmologist, there are homeopathic alternatives that could work in conjunction with, or completely replace conventional treatment. Dr. Kondrot’s Advanced Glaucoma Protocol is one such treatment: a non-invasive and natural way to help heal your eyes.

Healing the Eye Naturally

Dr. Edward Kondrot, the world’s leading homeopathic ophthalmologist, has devoted his entire practice to developing alternative options for treating eye diseases (you can read his bio here). He has developed an Advanced Glaucoma Protocol that promotes optic nerve function and supports excellent vision while guarding against vision loss. Moreover, the protocol is designed to guard against oxidative stress and environmental toxins.

The Optic Nerve Support, the most crucial part of the protocol, contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B12 – for the reparation and protection of the optic nerve
  • Choline – promotes the production of healthy tissues
  • CoQ10 – also known as coenzyme Q, a precursor to energy production
  • Lutein – a carotenoid vitamin that helps promote eyesight
  • A unique blend of vitamins that support optic nerve function

Optic Nerve Support does not contain dairy, yeast, corn, sodium, and preservative ingredients. The protocol also includes a bottle of Ocular Function Spray and Homeopathic Glaucoma Tissue Salt. In addition, the protocol works best with other products and treatment regimens from Dr. Kondrot’s healing programs. The entire protocol costs $159.00.

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How to Boost Optic Nerve Function Safely

If you or your loved ones suffer from glaucoma, it’s important to take every approach available to you. Furthermore, along with a healthy lifestyle and better food choices, beating glaucoma can be a holistic journey that leads to not only the improvement of optic nerve function but overall wellness.

Do you have any questions about glaucoma or Dr. Kondrot’s Advanced Glaucoma Protocol? Please share them in the comments section below.

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