If you’re starting to see bubble-like shapes scattered around in your field of vision, this is one of the most common retinal detachment causes. It’s probably time to get your eyes checked. Retinal detachment is a medical emergency that can cause permanent loss of vision  We have listed other indicators below.

7 Retinal Detachment Symptoms to Watch Out For

1. Sudden Burst of Floaters

Floaters are the unusual spots forming in your vision. To some, they may appear like black or grey particles scattered all over the place. For others, they look like strings and cobwebs intertwined. This symptom usually occurs as a person starts to age. The jelly-like substance called vitreous within the eyeballs is starting to take more of a liquid form. When this happens, microscopic fibers inside the vitreous start to cast tiny shadows on the retina. You see these as eye floaters.

When the amount of floaters seems to grow suddenly or exponentially, you should grow concerned. The abrupt increase in sizes or numbers of these floaters is an indicator and the patient will most likely need retinal detachment surgery.

2. Seemingly Flashing Lights

Sudden and annoying flashes that tend to make you feel uncomfortable are another sign of retinal detachment. As mentioned earlier, when the vitreous state is transforming, it starts to pull and affect the retina. The retina is a part of the eye that is responsible for the converting light to neuron signals.

3. Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision is a peripheral vision problem. Sufferers see the wide-angle sides as either blurred or hazed. This limits your focus only to the center of the picture. At times, it’s possibly due to optic nerve damage called glaucoma. However, it is also one of the signs of retinal detachment.

4. Swaying Black / Grey Curtain

Swaying Black / Grey Curtain | What Are The Retinal Detachment Symptoms?
When the vision is drastically decreasing or if it is starting to get blocked, seeing a seemingly swaying black or grey curtain is often described by the patient. One possible cause is the disturbance in the vitreous. It may also be the side effect or dizzy sensation you are starting to experience due to the eye problem.

5. Vision Loss

There are several causes of vision loss: obscuring of transparent eye structures, damaged retina, damaged optic nerves, and other effects of undiagnosed eye problems. Our senses fail to communicate with our brain creating vision complication if the vision pathways get compromised. We can prevent this from happening by consulting our ophthalmologists as soon as possible to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

6. Wavy or Jagged Lines

In relation to vision loss and retinal detachment, wavy or jagged lines are a few early indicators. Distorted images are clearly manifestations of a possible damaged retina. Our brain is starting to get confused as to what to make of the visuals.

7. Weighty Feeling in the Eyes

Getting punched in the eye or any trauma may also cause retinal detachment. Depending on the hit taken to the eye, the layer that contains the retina may move from its normal position. If not, the tear in the retina may result from blunt force trauma.


This short video from EyeSmart gives us an overview as to how floaters and flashes are retinal detachment symptoms:

What Are The Retinal Detachment Symptoms?
Retinal detachment usually has little to no painful symptoms. However, the aforementioned ominous symptoms should not be taken lightly. Schedule your consultation with your opthalmologist for retinal detachment diagnosis at an early stage. If we are lucky enough not to experience any eye discomfort, we should still take the necessary steps to take care of our eyes.

Did we miss out on any retinal detachment symptoms? Share your insights in the comment section below.

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