Crucial Tips for First-Time Contact Lens Wearers

A recent study revealed that there are around 45 million people employing contact lenses either for cosmetic purposes or for vision correction. Contact lenses are unquestionably the most versatile vision aid that eliminates the problems that are observed while wearing...

Effects Of Alcohol On Your Eyes

For years, people have been debating the effects of alcohol on humans. Some say the consumption of alcohol is safe for human health while others disagree with them. However, too much consumption of alcohol unquestionable effects adversely on human health. People who...

How To Take Care Of Eyes In Cold Weather?

Winter is here, and with every season there are certain things our body parts need to adapt. Cold weather takes away all the moisture from the air, which results in dry eyes. Keeping eyes moist in winter chill can prove to be a difficult task. In cold temperatures,...
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