You may have heard about bipolar disorder, which is a medical condition that causes chronic mental illness or severe mood swings ranging from depression to mania. But have you heard or read about bipolar disorder mania in the eyes? Yes, bipolar disorder can affect your eyesight and the overall well being.

What exactly does “Mania” mean and what are its types?

Mania is an extreme condition with 2 levels- Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2. Bipolar disorder 1 causes full-blown mania and hypomania. Bipolar disorder 2 causes hypomania, which can be increased at the extreme level if left untreated.

Now talking about mania and its types, mania describes the change in your energy level, they are of 2 types- euphoric and dysphoric. In simple words, euphoric means the energized good mood, while dysphoric means a mixed mood or bad mood. The main symptom of mania is getting very less sleep at night while not becoming exhausted the next day.

As per the compliant from several bipolar disorder maniac patients, the vision changes profoundly and colours look vibrating in the surroundings in euphoric mania. Conversely, patients with dysphoric mania experience a narrow vision and find it difficult to notice colours. Also, the area around their eyes becomes tensed and stressed. Researches say bipolar disorder mania can give a severe impact on eyes, where the eye pupils change the size, the distance between the eye and bow changes and the iris changes colour. These are easy to recognize symptoms in a person, who is suffering from bipolar disorder mania before the other maniac signs become more pronounced. 

Here are 4 signs to recognize bipolar disorder mania in the eyes:

● Sparkling Eyes: Euphoric Mania in bipolar disorder mania often creates a shimmering liquid in the eyes. You can see a person with euphoric mania sparkles when they look into the mirror.

● Darker Eyes: Dysphoric mania in  bipolar disorder mania turn the eyes darker as the adrenaline can make the pupil take over the eyeball.

● The Changes In Eye Shape: The eyes often appear narrow and mean if diagnosed with dysphoric mania and often appear to widen with euphoric mania. These changes do not just happen for a few minutes but last for even months.

● The Changes In Eye Colour: People also report for change in their eye colour when maniac due to bipolar disorder. Even the normal blue eye can turn out into a brown colour in a dysphoric manic episode.

Well, if you see these signs in yourself or any of your dear ones, then it is time to take preventive measures to avoid the issue goes worse. In general, you should not feel hesitated to help the person who is suffering from bipolar disorder mania. Be attentive, patient to their behavioural changes, and supportive in their medical care. Also, opt for any expert help if the patient becomes maniac or extremely depressed due to any type of bipolar disorder.

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