March April 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to our March April 2010 Newsletter

March April 2010 NewsletterWelcome to the March April 2010 Newsletter. Win a date with Suzanne Somers and Dr. Kondrot!! Chelation therapy can be a valuable tool in the battle against macular degeneration. Vision is more than acuity- learn more about the major epidemic of binocular dysfunction.   Dr. O discusses ways to ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Special recipe to help ease you into our 70/30 diet!To your good health and clear vision.
Dr. Kondrot

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Enter to Win a Date with Suzanne Somers – And Dr. Kondrot?? You might be thinking what’s this all about?

In addition to Vitamin and Nutritional therapy, Homeopathy and Microcurrent therapy there is another treatment in the battle against macular degneration-chelation therapy. Read about the latest in this treatment.

Vision is much more than your acuity or your ability to read letters. Read more about a major epidemic of Binocular Vision Dysfunction which is under diagnosed and undertreated and is now one of the leading causes of visual limitation.

Did you know that about 50% of the population has at least one type of allergy? The most common one of these allergies is “seasonal allergies”. Dr. O has some help for you!

Dr. Kondrot has been invited to Australia to conduct several vision educational programs!

Lettuce and Carrots and Beets, Oh My! Make the 70/ 30 diet fun!

Healing the Eye Seminars and 3-Day Treatment Programs for 2010! Our next program will be in Tampa, Florida May 10th-13th

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