May 2010

May 2010Welcome to the May 2010 Newsletter. On May 1st, the Arizona Homeopathic & Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA) Dinner and Awards Ceremony honored Suzanne Somers with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions in helping the public understand more about alternative healthcare options. Congratualtions to Jacqueline Querns and Sherry Lemen! I presented a paper at the International Syntonic Meeting on green light in the treatment of glaucoma. Learn how this treatment and another 5 minute treatment of “Bowling Ball Syndrome” can lower your eye pressure.
To your good health and clear vision!
Dr. Kondrot

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Congratulations to Jacqueline Querns and Sherry Lemen the winners of “Win a date with Dr Kondrot and Suzanne Somers!

Hollywood Comes to Healing the Eye! Nicolas Cage was outside our office in Cave Creek filming his new move Driving Angry

Green is the big buzz word in today’s ecology, but it may also be the next buzz word in vision! Dr. Kondrot presented a paper on green light therapy in treating glaucoma at the International Syntonic Meeting.

What is the Bowling Ball Syndrome? How can a 5 minute procedure permanently lower your eye pressure?May 2010

This Zucchini Linguine dish has all the classic Italian flavors for friends and family who are not eating raw.

Coming to a city near you…Next stop- Pittsburgh!

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