May 2011

May 2011
Dr. Kondrot at the European Homeopathic meeting in Riga, Latvia
My presentation “Homeopathy and Eye Disease” was well received at the European Homeopathic Meeting in Riga! In fact, I have been invited to present this paper and teach in Greece, India and Lithuania. This meeting has renewed my passion for the homeopathic approach to treat eye disease! Read how homeopathy can help glaucoma! Coming to a City near You…Next Stop – Villages, FL on June 6th and then Los Angeles, CA on July 20th. Don’t forget to join me every Sunday on KFNX radio. You can listen online at
Your questions on the air are always welcomed!To your good health and clear vision!
Dr. Kondrot

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Listen to Dr. Kondrot on KFNX! Future guest Dr Jeff Anschel on June 5th! A leading nutritionist for eye health! Author of the best selling book, Smart Medicine for Your Eyes: A Guide to Natural, Effective and Safe Relief of Common Eye Disorders!

Homeopathy and Eye Disease in Riga, Latvia
I presented a paper at the International Homeopathic Congress in Riga, Latvia. Read the transcript of this presentation!

Homeopathy in the treatment of Glaucoma.
Read how homeopathy can be a valuable treatment modality to reduce your dependence on eye drops, avoid surgery and improve your vision!

Homeopathy Special! 
Learn the basics of homeoapthy. What is it and how it can help your health and vision! Including information from the European Homeopathic meeting in Riga, Latvia
May 29, 2011

Oxidative therapy in the Treatment of Eye Disease
This has become an important part of our practice in the treatment of eye disease. There are three methods of delivering Oxydative therapy: IV hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet light or ozone gas. I was trained in this therapy by Dr Robert Rowen editor of Second Opinion. Please watch these informative videos to learn if oxydative therapies can help you!
The first video is by Dr Robert Rowen
The second video is by Dr. O

Sucess Stories with Home Ozone Unit
Many of you have purchased the home ozone unit to make your own ozonated saline eye drops because of their great benefit to vision. In addition to making eye drops we are also hearing that you are using the machine for other things such as cleaning fruits and vegetables, making ozonated water and also using it for foot bath to support detoxification. We would love to hear your stories about how you are using the ozone machine! If you would like to share your experiences with the ozone unit, please send these to [email protected] If you are interested in an ozone machine please call the office 800-430-9328

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Coming to a City near You…Next Stops are the Villages, FL on June 6th and then Los Angeles, CA on July 20th. Call now to register. Limited seating 800-430-9328. Learn how you can save your eyesight without drugs or surgery!

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