International Light Meeting

International Light Association’s annual meeting September 21- 25th on the Island of Kea in Greece. Exciting information on how light can imporve your helath


At the meeting information was presented on Heliotherapy which is the the therapeutic system of using the suns energy to heal the body. Since there is so much  information now in the medical literature on the benefits of sunlight and Vitamins D.  Several reports were on this topic:

Need to protect head and face during sun bathing.  Sunlight directly to the head and face will cause and overstimulation  of the pineal gland and this will cause a reduction in the vitamin D production

Contrary to most opinions sunbathing at noon has the most beneficial affect. UVB is highest at noon, UVA is lowest. UVB is essential becauses it causes an inflammatory response which protects the body.  UVA  has a longer wave length and penetrates deeper into the body.

Sun Screen dramatically reduces the production of vitamin D. Sun screen of SPF  of 20  will reduce vitamin D by 99.9%

Color TX of learning Problems

Dr Larry Wallace presented information on Irlen Lenses. The Irlen Method is the only research-based method using colored overlays and filters.   The Irlen Method uses colored overlays and filters to improve the brain’s ability to process visual information.

Don Barneski an eye doctor from the US presented data on Dyslexia. He feels that dyslexia is NOT a  learning disorder but learning different. Did you know that the average  kindergarten child has over 1000 hours of TV!  Excessive TV has produced an inhibitory effect on the motor system. With proper motor development  speech, vision and learning are affected. Data was presented that vision therapy can help develop the motor system and reintegrate it into the speech and vision system. This is the first and essential step to regain

Monochrome Workshop
Karl Ryberg Presented information that certain light spectrums can improve DNA. There was study state demonstrated that after 30 cell divisions certain cells will die. The life expectancy was extended by exposure to full spectrum lighting. You can repair DNA with light! After 30 divisions human cells will die. After laser light treatment with specific wavelengths human cells have been shown to rejenerate!
Grey light can stimulate stem cells

Jan Van der Est presented a case of several peripheral vascular disease which required amputation. After exposure to wavelengths of grey light followed by green light there was regeneration of the limb. He proposes that grey light can stimulate the stem cells of the human body.  Dr. Peter Mandel a prominent German light therapist describes grey light as the door of light. This corresponds to our stem cells which are like the doorway to life.  I am now investigating grey light as an adjunct treatment to stimulate the stem cells in help in the regeneration of the retina and optic nerve

Light Modulation

Information was revealed that light at  400- 500nm causes  undo oxidative stress in the retina. Lipofuscin, a metabolic byproduct that accumulates in early macular degeneration, absorbs light in the range of 436 nm ( the same as Mercury  lights) and computer screen. This indicates that all of the “low energy” lighting that has become mandatory is extremely dangerous to our eyes in particular our retina. See article on this subject

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Good News and Bad News. What do you want to hear first? The bad news is that unfortunately because of structural problems and toxins we were forced to move from our new office.

International Light Association’s annual meeting September 21- 25th on the Island of Kea in Greece. Exciting information on how light can improve your health.

Retinal Image Translocation) therapy. (RIT) Double your vision with therapeutic glasses in only 6 weeks!

There is exciting news for patients with retinitis pigmentosa. A recent study was published from the University of Rome using electroacupuncture in the treatment of a rat model of retinitis pigmentosa. Microcurrent produces a positive effect!

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