RIT (Retinal Image Translocation) therapy

I recently took part in a Webinar presented by Dr. Ronald Siwoff an internationally recognized specialist in the field of low vision. He presented his latest pioneering work on Retinal Image Translocation.  RIT therapy is a non-surgical, noninvasive method of changing the way patients see the world. In patients whose retina is damaged, a new type of spectacles can now correct the effects of lost central vision.  Many people with macular degeneration state, “If only my blind spot could be moved to the side, then I could see!” Now we have a method of optically moving the blind spot to the side to help regain better central vision.
Prisms are used which are optical devices that shift the image of light from a non functional area (retinal scar) to an area of better function. In the past the method of measuring these prisms for RIT was very tedious and unpredictable. The prisms are adjusted and the patient evaluates the change in vision.  The problem with this technique is that it takes time for the patient’s brain to adapt to new input from retinal areas that are not the central vision.  A person may not even be aware of their “island of vision.” Most clinicians did not find this subjective technique helpful.
There is a new method utilizing Evoked Potential test (VEP which has been shown to be very effective and it has greatly improved results. VEP is performed by having a patient look at a checkered board pattern of light.  Electrodes are placed on the head which measure these light patterns being registered by the brain. The prisms are rotated in different positions to optimize the improvement of vision.
RIT therapy relies on an objective measure of retinal health. It sets a new retinal focal point and allows the patient to learn to use his new retinal location. Dr. Siwoff presented a study of 68 patients, both distance and near vision improved an average of 200%. Two patients had initial vision so poor that they could only see hand motion close to the face. With RIT, one patient improved to 20/120 and the other improved to 20/50. “What we discovered after analysis of our data was truly amazing. Vision continues to improve with most patients, even months after receiving the RIT prism spectacles.”

Millions of people who are legally blind as the result of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa and other retinal diseases can have hope, because of a new form of rehabilitation therapy called RIT (Retinal Image Translocation) therapy.

Please call the office to see if you qualify for this treatment. I hope that this new treatment might benefit you! 1-800-430-9328

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