As you age, you may find yourself seeking out information regarding treatment of cataracts. Ocular aging is accelerated by toxic stress, dehydration, and heavy metal poisoning. These things are also known to cause cataracts. Read on, to find out more about the cause of cataracts and contemporary treatment options.

Treatment of Cataracts | Understanding The New Treatment Procedures


Reduce the Progression of Cataracts

The following are three of the most important steps you could take to reduce the progression of cataracts.

  • Improve your diet – Go on an organic diet. Avoid all preservatives, GMO foods, and sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup.
  • Keep yourself hydrated – Cataracts are denatured lens protein (denatured = dehydrated). Proper hydration is also the best way to reduce your toxic load.
  • Get yourself tested for heavy metal poisoning –  If heavy metals are present, consider seeking out a treatment to rid them from your system.**Note: Hair analysis is a waste of money, and it is very inaccurate.

Do You Have Heavy Metal Poisoning?

Find out what heavy metals are elevated and then, begin chelation treatment. The best way to evaluate heavy metals is a Urine Challenge test. Unless you are actively being exposed to heavy metals, a simple urine test will be negative.

You need to take a chelating agent to bind the heavy metals locked in your bones, fat, brain, and eyes, and make them more soluble to be excreted in the urine. During the urine challenge test, you are given several capsules of a chelating agent based on your weight, then begin a urine collection process.

Methods of Chelation

Methods of Chelation | Contemporary Treatment Of Cataracts You Need To Take Note Of
There are three different ways to administer a chelating agent to an individual with elevated heavy metal levels:

  • Intravenous  – Through a needle, usually delivered through the arm. This is the most effective method.
  • Oral – More and more alternative doctors are considering oral agents. Over the past several years, I have worked on formulating an oral product designed for removing heavy metals, and benefits the health of your eye.
  • Rectal


There is no shortcut to stopping or reversing cataracts. Vitamins are a shortcut that might help briefly, but unless the underlying conditions are addressed, cataracts will progress.


OcluMed | Contemporary Treatment Of Cataracts You Need To Take Note Of
This product has a combination of antioxidants, which gives a much better effect than a single component, such as L-Carnosine or N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, as antioxidants. The OcluMed contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Carnosine – used in the formula to provide immediate neutralization of existing free radicals.
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine – provides a longer-term of protection, due to it’s longer residence and activity time, in the cells.
  • L-Glutathione was added, as it may be the single most important antioxidant in the lens.
  • Cysteine Ascorbate was developed to provide a water stable source of both Vitamin C (an important antioxidant in the eye) and L-Cysteine.
  • L-Cysteine – used to regenerate or reduce oxidized L-Glutathione in the eye.

Topical Chelation Therapy

Topical chelation therapy showed to be a potential treatment for cataracts. Dr. Ansari, at the University of Texas Medical School, presented data at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, at the May 2009 meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. His research shows that by removing certain metals with EDTA, diabetic cataracts could be reversed.

Research has determined that transitional metal ions (metals that can produce a positive charge) play a role in the development of oxidative stress, resulting in pathology such as cataracts. There is an increased level of these metal ions in cataractous lenses. The authors studied the effects of topical EDTA and MSM, a permeability enhancer, on the effects of reducing cataract changes.

In a rat study, they applied various concentrations of EDTA and MSM, to assess the effectiveness of the combination in preventing or diminishing diabetic cataracts. The authors reported a significant amelioration of cataract formation. This study suggests that topical EDTA eye drops might be a more effective method of treating cataracts.

Other Methods


Microcurrent | Contemporary Treatment Of Cataracts You Need To Take Note Of
Microcurrent can be useful in reducing cataracts and improving visual function. The mechanism of microcurrent is to improve blood flow, increase cellular function, detoxify the eye, and reduce scar tissue. Pulse Electromagnetic Field is a type of microcurrent. This also produces microcurrent energy, and it might be more effective in reducing and even eliminating cataracts.

Light Therapy

Light has an effect on the atomic, cellular, hormonal, and the autonomic nervous system. It has the ability to penetrate all the levels of the eye into the lens, to have a therapeutic effect. The College of Syntonics is a 73-year-old organization, that has studied the effects of light on the visual system. There are certain wavelengths of light that have the ability to detoxify the tissue, and improve function. I have found out that this can help in the treatment of cataracts. We are now using a special cold laser, that has 4 modalities in one device, to treat cataracts:

  • Cold Laser
  • Syntonic Light
  • Magnetic field
  • Ultrasound


Homeopathy | Contemporary Treatment Of Cataracts You Need To Take Note Of
Homeopathy is a scientific method of therapy that stimulates the healing processes of the body. Homeopathy’s success rates, in treating both chronic and acute conditions, demonstrate that the results last over time. This system is rapidly achieving widespread acceptance in areas, such as Europe, India, and South America.

In Homeopathy, a patient’s mental, physical, and emotional well being are all taken into consideration. Given this, the unique patterns of these aspects are the basis of homeopathy remedy. With that said, each patient is offered with a remedy that uniquely stimulates their own body’s healing process.


Contemporary Treatment Of Cataracts You Need To Take Note Of

There are many options for treatment of cataracts worth considering. Although cataracts affect a large population, similarly, it’s important to find the right treatment for you. Additionally, there are several different types of cataracts you might want to take into consideration when deciding on treatment plans.

What are your thoughts regarding the many new contemporary treatments for cataracts?

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