July 2011

July 2011
Dr. Kondrot and Patricia Kane. That’s not a halo behind us but a cell membrane!
I recently attended the Patricia Kane Intensive Course to learn the latest in treating neurological and eye disease with lipid nutrition. The key to health is in the cell membrane! Learn about the new PK Protocol and how fats can save your vision! Can African Dance lower your eye pressure? What can be done to treat cataracts? Does CAN-C work? Coming to a City near You…An exciting summer line up includes: Bozeman, MT; Lansing, MI; Cave Creek, AZ and Philadelphia, PA. Don’t forget to join me every Sunday on KFNX radio. My special guest July 31th will be Meir Schneider! You can listen online athttp://www.1100kfnx.com/
Your questions on the air are always welcomed!
To your good health and clear vision!
Dr. Kondrot

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Listen to Dr. Kondrot on KFNX! My special guest on July 31th will be Meir Schneider!! He is the founder of the School of Self Healing and author of Self Healing: My Life and Vision. He was born blind with cataracts and glaucoma. Learn how he cured his blindness with the Bates Method! That show will be Sunday July 31th at 5:00 PM PDT!

Patricia Kane has developed a Phosphatidylcholine (PC) intravenous protocol for these devastating health disorders using IV Lipid therapy and oral fatty acid supplementation. Learn more about these exciting protocols and how they help your vision!

Can Dance lower your eye pressure? Peter Abilogu a professor of African Dance who recently completed our 3 day restore your vision program. He has a 20 year history of glaucoma and in the last couple of years has lost a lot of vision. He has a keen interest in alternative treatments in particular African dance. The Africans believe that dancing with bare feet one becomes connected to the healing energy of the earth and dance movements along with music produce vibrations to heal the body.

How can you reverse cataracts? Does CAN-C really work?

20% summer discount on IV therapies at the Healing the Eye and Wellness Center! What therapies are being done and how they can help me. Take advantage of this Summer Special. Offer ends Aug 31th!
July 2011

Coming to a City near You…Next Seminar Stop – Bozeman, MT; Lansing, MI; Cave Creek, AZ and Philadelphia, PA. Call now to register. Limited seating 800-430-9328. Learn how you can save your eyesight without drugs or surgery!

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