Eye drops for cataracts are among the best potential nonsurgical solutions to cataracts. Currently, researchers are looking into developing prescription eye drops that naturally dissolve cataracts. Many are looking forward to this development due to how it can be a safer and more affordable alternative to eye surgery.

Eye Drops For Cataracts | Learn More About Easy Cataracts Treatments

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What Causes Cataracts?

Cataracts often occur as a result of complications of metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Other lifestyle risk factors include being a smoker, having a poor diet, as well as having had a previous eye injury. Cataracts also form as a side effect of long-term intake of certain medications such as corticosteroids and cholesterol management medications.

Do Eye Drops for Cataracts Work?

Previously, the only option for treating cataracts was to undergo surgery. Luckily, researchers developed compounds for eye drops that can help dissolve cataracts. For instance, they were able to identify lanosterol as a key compound for reducing the severity of cataracts. Given this, lanosterol eye drops for cataracts are a definite possibility for development. This compound is a precursor of both cholesterol and steroid hormones. However, this specific compound does not dissolve into the eye, it must be injected into it.

How Do Eye Drops Help With Cataracts?

How Do Eye Drops Help With Cataracts? | What Are The Best Eye Drops For Cataracts?

We are fortunate to now have eye drops capable of aiding in treatment for cataracts. This is because it presents a much more cost-effective alternative to eye surgery. Researchers from a variety of American universities have discovered a new compound, compound 29, that can help dissolve cataracts without having to inject it into the eye.

Are Eye Drops for Cataracts Available to the Public?

Are Eye Drops for Cataracts Available to the Public? | What Are The Best Eye Drops For Cataracts?

The new cataract dissolving eye drops are, unfortunately, still in development. Before these eye drops can be accessible to all, they must first undergo a series of tests to ensure effectiveness and identify possible side effects. In addition to this, it is very important to establish that these eye drops are safe for human consumption.

If you are interested in using an eye drop to slow the progression and in many cases reverse cataracts try Oclumed. This is part of the cataract reversal program suggested by Dr. Kondrot


What Are The Best Eye Drops For Cataracts?

Eye Drops for Cataract Surgery Recovery

While eye drops for cataracts treatment are yet to be available to the public, we do have certain eye drops to help with the cataract surgery recovery process. To combat infection and inflammation, your doctor may recommend you use antiseptic or antibiotic eye drops several times a day. Additionally, the length of time you will have to regularly apply these eye drops depends on the amount of postoperative inflammation.

Do Eye Drops for Cataracts Have Any Side Effects?

Certain people may experience mildly unpleasant side effects due to their eye drops. For instance, these eye drops can irritate the eye if they contain compounds you are allergic to. Also, some eye drops can cause dry eye which can lead to inflammation or irritation. However, these side effects are very rare and often are only intolerable when it comes to long term usage.


To learn more about cataracts and natural remedies, consider watching this video by Dr. Eric Berg DC:

What Are The Best Eye Drops For Cataracts?
Eye drops for cataracts can definitely do wonders for cataract treatment. With this alternative, we may soon be able to provide an adequate non-invasive treatment for a condition such as cataracts. Given its non-invasive nature, these eye drops will be much less of a risk in comparison to surgery. Additionally, this method of treatment will be significantly less expensive due to the elimination of a complex medical procedure.
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