November 2010

November 2010
Dr. Kaushal and Dr. Kondrot at the UMass Dept of Ophthalmology.
Important recall on all of our plastic water bottles! All plastic is dangerous to your health! How I survived the 26.2 mile Marine Corps Marathon! Fish oils are contributing to your visual loss! Exciting information from the UMass department of Ophthalmology. A comonnly used seizure medication can help retinal disease! Don’t delay you vision improvement! Attend one of our 10 essentials to restore your vision seminar now. Last stop in 2010 will be Pittsburgh.Tentative schedule for 2011enclosed. Take this important step to begin healing your eyes!!To your good health and clear vision!
Dr. Kondrot

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A just returned from a visit to the UMass Department of Ophthalmology in Worcester, MA. The Department Chairman Dr Shalesh Kaushal invited me to visit his department to discuss my experience using microcurrent in the treatment of macular degeneration.

Recall on all of our plastic water bottles! There are no safe plastic containers! We are replacing all of our plastic bottles with stainless steel containers

Miracles of Microcurrent- How I suvived the 26.2 mile Marine Corps Marathon and eliminated all my pain in 30 minutes with one microcurrent treatment!

Fish oils are contributing to your loss of vision! A shocking discovery that will be turning the alternative medical community upside down!

A commonly used seizure medication is now helping to fight retinal disease! Read to see if this medication can help you!

Next stop for our Free Healing the Eye Seminar is Pittsburgh, PA don’t delay to learn the 10 essentials to begin to restore your vision.

Announcing our seminar schedule for 2011!

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